Holistic Life

  • auspicious place
    Learn what to do to create auspicious space in your house, office, garden and any other place where you stay during the day and night. The holistic approach is presented here.

Learn How To:

  • survive these turbulent times of transformation on the Earth
  • transform your life in a holistic way,
  • protect from negativity,
  • make the most of your inner strength
  • grow personally and spiritually,
  • change this world for better, by meditating and praying.
  • abundance
    What do you do to create abundance in your life? Learn how to be wealthier, not only financially but also in all other dimensions.

About Vicky

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Every Saturday, at 8 pm Irish Summer Time, for half an hour, I meditate and connect with everyone who wants to work together for the Earth, other beings and to create a happy life for himself/herself. You can join us, transforming the world and your life.


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