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12 Symptoms of High Vibrations And More

My last three posts showed you the 33 symptoms of low vibrations. Now the time has come to describe the opposite situation. However, this time I will do it a bit differently. Read how.

However, I will stick to the same categories as in the last three articles. Moreover, I will add one more, equally important: your soul. So let’s start.

Your Heart And Relationships

Today I have decided to combine these two categories because your emotional life often is affected by the quality of your relationships, also having an impact on them.

1. Empathy

Your heart stays on high vibrations when you are empathetic towards others needs and you make a habit of seeing through the eyes of other people. Therefore, you do not judge people because you are not walking in their shoes.

2. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is another symptom of high vibrations. it concerns other people but also you as we often struggle to forgive ourselves for our mistakes and misfortune decisions. In this way, you are also more compassionate to yourself and others.

3. Gratitude

Gratitude also means that you are staying on high vibrations, being able to notice the things that you have in your life instead of those you lack. If you also write the gratitude journal, chances are that your vibrations will stay high for a long time.

4. Sense of Humor

We like people who are laughing and can joke, not being serious all the time. Therefore,  when you have a sense of humor other people will like you more. It is said that a relationship starts to die when partners stop laughing. So keep your sense of humor present in your life as often as possible.

5. Patience

How often we rush and cannot wait until other people finish speaking or doing something. If you can keep your patience at the moments when other people are angry, then your vibrations hare significantly higher than theirs.

6. No Arguments Or Competition With Others

You just say ‘Ok, let them win’. There is no point losing your precious energy for fighting when you know that some people are so stubborn in their willingness to win that arguing with them is only a waste of your precious time, too. On the other hand, your calmness and peace of mind eventually infect them and argument will finish soon.

7. Nurturing Others Instead of Being Needy

You take responsibility for your life, being able to give and take. You can ask for help, but do your best to solve the problems yourself first. moreover, other people feel safe around you so they confide to you telling about their problems and asking you for help. however, be careful of the complainers and other victims who do not want to take responsibility for their life but only get grab your attention.

8. Openness to Different Kinds of People

It means that you have a very broad mind, too, but also the lack of bias and prejudice. As I wrote above, you do not judge others for the quality of their life. You are also able to talk about a very broad number of topics so it is very easy for you to socialize and make friends which eventually leads to other people’s openness to you. You often find yourself in the role of the counselor, peacemaker or teacher in friendships and relationships.

Your Soul

I have decided to add another category of high vibrations traits because when you have them transcendental things start appearing in your life. You start to be connected to the Source and the beings on higher frequencies, unavailable for those on low vibrations.

9. High Intuition

Listening to your guts and your soul’s voice can only be possible when you have high vibrations. In case of the low ones, your attention is drawn to negative people, places, neediness, and problems, keeping you in the haze of negativity.

10. Connection To “That” Which Is Beyond You

In other words – connection to the Source and the beings having higher frequencies than you have, like angels or even aliens. You become more aware of the larger perspective of what is happening not only on the Earth or around you, but also in the Universe, on other planets or even galaxies.

11. Developing Potentials Unreachable For Other People

Clairvoyance, remote healing or cleansing the spaces of people (i.e. their auras and environment from negative beings, hooks, hawks, spells, and other negativity) are only some examples of the potentials which you can start having and using when your vibrations are high enough.

12. Knowing Your Life Mission

In other words, you are aware of your soul’s Divine Plan and act according to it, not against it. You learn the life lessons, but also are creative and know how to close karma and become healthy, e.g. if you have a serious illness.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned the symptoms of high vibrations in the area of your heart, relationships, and soul. Gratitude, laugh, gratitude and openness to help are among the traits which improve your relationships. You grow spiritually discovering your potential, having an excellent intuition and developing potentials unavailable for other people.


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