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33 Symptoms of Low Vibrations Part One

I have explained you the Law of Vibration in detail in my recent post. Now you will learn what happens when your vibrations operate on low frequencies, in other words – when they are low.

The 33 Symptoms of Low Vibrations

I have found 33 symptoms of low vibrations. There might be even more of them, but I would not like to overwhelm you with the challenges to face because each symptom is the problem to tackle.

I have decided to divide these symptoms into groups. Apart from our body mind and heart, I added connections (i.e. your relationships) and your environment – a house or flat. Some of the groups have more symptoms than the rest. However, each symptom is a wake-up call for you, as the symptom of an illness. Low vibrations mean that your aura and energetic system are ill and you need to seek for help.

Your Mind

Everything starts from your mind because your thoughts are the beginning of creating your reality. I wrote in one of my last posts how important it is to think, act and use the language responsibly. Now you can see the fruits of neglecting your mental hygiene:

1. Having a Self-Centric View of the World

If you think that everything spins around you and that you are the center of everything, always in the limelight, chances are that your vibrations will fall. You will start taking everything to yourself feeling even worse.

2. Finding it Almost Impossible to Become “Unstuck” from Old Habits

This is one of the most disastrous mindsets. In order to raise vibrations, habits MUST be changed, not necessarily by 180 degrees straightaway. Vibrating assumes motion so changes are inevitable and because of this process, your habits also need change.

3. Struggling with Mental Health Issues( (Anxiety, OCD or Depression)

This is an extreme which you reach after neglecting all previous warning signs, described in the Mind, Heart, Connections, Body and Environment sections. Tablets won’t solve the problem, you need to raise your vibrations plus take care of your body (e.g. taking Vitamin D3 in the winter.)

4. Having a Prominent Shadow Self (Inner Critic)

We all beat up ourselves from time to time, but it is important to keep the Lower Sefl at bay and never let him or her to dictate you the way in which you want to live.

5. Focusing Primarily on the Negative in Life

For example, you find it hard to see the beauty in life. All that you see are problems, traumatic past, flaws in other people, gloomy future.

6. Self-sabotage

You will never be happy if your goals are sabotaged by your negative thoughts and beliefs. The beliefs are like roots which need to be eradicated if they impede your happiness, whatever it means.

Your Connections

The second category of symptoms is very important because your vibrations infect other people by interaction. Here are some examples when you became infected with low vibrations:

7. Your Connections with Others Constantly Bring You Pain

You cannot be happy and radiate with high vibrations being around negative people – energetic vampires, complainers or emotional blackmailers. However, it is up to you if you stay around such kind of people. If you want to raise your vibrations, cut or limit contact with them.

8. You Are Argumentative

Being argumentative can have many reasons, but usually is caused by low vibrations of suppressed negative emotions, kept grievances and grudge. You might be also all out, under extreme pressure. Then everything can irritate you. Just release negative emotions and find some rest to recover. A bath with salty water or a swim in the sea will make wonders.

9. You Have Substance Abuse Issues

In other words, you are at risk of addictions or are already addicted. This is the sign that negative beings hooked to your aura and like vampires are sucking your energy. You may feel fine for a while why drinking or smoking, then being more exhausted than before.

10. Neediness or Demanding Things From Others

It is said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. However, many times we take it for granted that other people help us and we become used to delegating nearly everything. It is even a worse thing when asking for help or delegating things becomes a demand, not a request and when we do not accept other people’s ‘No’. Also, in the case of emotional blackmail, the blackmailer makes a kind of balance sheet of how much they helped you in the past or who have helped more. Take responsibility for your life and ask for help only when you do need it, not to do things for you.

11. Complaining

Complaining is the last but not least symptom of poor vibrations in the field of relationships. When you complain, your attitude shows a victim who has to burden other people with his or her problems. People can listen to our problems, but then they will give you some advice and that’s the end of complaining. Doing it again about the issue where you know what steps to take will mean the lack of self-responsibility.

In a Nutshell

There are 33 symptoms of low vibrations which I am going to describe in three articles. Today you could read about the symptoms in the areas of your relationship and your mental attitude. In case of relationships, neediness, complaining, addictions and being argumentative indicate problems with vibrations. In case of your mind, they are mental illness, self-criticism, self-sabotage, focusing on negativity, self-centric view of the world and inflexibility for change.


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