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33 Symptoms of Low Vibrations Part Three

I described you the first 22 symptoms of low vibrations in my last two posts. You could read what goes wrong in the areas of mind, heart, relationships and your body. Today you will learn about the last group of symptoms which impede your happiness.

Before we start, please check these first 22 symptoms:

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The next two areas of symptoms are the result of negligence in the first four, described in my last two posts. However, today’s symptoms can also trigger the symptoms already described.

Your Achievements

When you feel fulfilled in your life, your vibrations thrive, infecting others with your high spirit. However, most of us miss something in their lives. It is easy to become apathetic or depressed, turn to excessive eating or drinking then. In this way, your vibrations plummet even further and the vicious circle lasts.

23. Feeling “Stuck” Or Stranded in Life

This simply means not knowing what to do next. And usually, it happens when you have no clear life mission and goal which will guide you for its fulfillment. Sometimes you can be overwhelmed for a while, but it’s a temporary state when later you can find a solution.

24. You Often Struggle With Despair And Desperation

It usually happens when a failure occurs in your life. Many people were taught that making mistakes and temporary defeats are a disaster. Despair may also emerge when you want something too much and nothing is getting you closer to your goal.

25. You Continue to Make Poor Choices

Making poor choices can have many causes. Lack of knowledge may be one of them when you don’t have a mentor who could show you a shortcut. Listening to the negative people and social pressure can be another reason. You make a decision according to the group’s priorities, not yours because of low self-esteem of the fear of rejection.

26. You Feel Unfulfilled

It always happens when you cannot achieve your goals and make your dreams true. However, sometimes lack of fulfillment is the result of focusing on what you lack instead of what you have. You are not grateful for the blessings in your life. If you do feel unfulfilled, then time has come for changes.

27. You Find it Hard to Make Any Real Progress in Life

In other words, you feel stuck. However, the reason for not making progress can lay in lack of motivation, poor time management or your negative thoughts and beliefs, sabotaging making an effort. Sometimes your goals need to be revised in order to achieve them.

Your Environment

Your home, office, desk, each room of your house or flat is the mirror of your inner self. if there is lots of clutter, untidiness, and mess there, do not be surprised by your low vibrations. it is hard to feel comfortable in an untidy house or you can get frustrated easily when you cannot find the thing that you are looking for.

28. Watching a Lot of Violence on Tv And Listening to Aggressive Music

Television programs are often filled with low vibrations – the daunting and frightening news, police reports, violent movies, and commercials. The same kind of low vibrations concerns the Internet, for example, YouTube and other portals where you can watch movies and other films. Moreover, the Internet is full of pornography and offensive pictures, even if there is a parental filter.

In the case of music, it is proved that aggressive music like hard rock and heavy metal can create miserable structures on the water. Concerts of these are full of negative vibrations, the lighting may be aggressive and even trigger an epileptic fit. Moreover, many songs have destructive lyrics, full of offensive words. It is said that you become what you listen to regularly. The same applies to watching TV.

29. You Have an Untidy And Dirty Home

This is the shortest way to illnesses, depression, and irritation. As I wrote earlier, it is very frustrating when you cannot find something you need right now. Lots of clutter discourage you even more from clearing the house up because of e.g. a huge heap of dishes needing washing up. Imagine how frustrating it is when you want to have your dinner and there is clutter on your dining table.

30. Keeping Too Much Clutter And Broken Items At Your Home

Imagine a house where everywhere there are plenty of boxes with clutter, the dining table is nearly fully filled in with vases, candles or office papers. You have your working place in the bedroom and it is really hard to move around your place. Moreover, there are broken items in your rooms and kitchen, making you angry even when you just look at them. That’s why Feng Shui experts advise to repair or remove all the items that are broken or which you do not like anymore.

31. Being Surrounded By Negative People

Negative people will always lower your vibrations and infect you with their negativity. Our co-workers, family members, and neighbors are the most frequent transmitters of negative energy. Do your best to protect against their negativity, but cutting contact would work the best.

32. You Have a Toxic Job

Think about how effectively you can work having a toxic job. What does it mean? Bering among toxic co-workers and the boss, doing things which you do not enjoy. Also, as I wrote above, your workplace is full of clutter and you are not organized. Then never expect that your vibrations will be high.

33. You Are Living in a Dodgy Place

I mean the place which is not safe, which does not let you relax and enjoy your free time. According to Feng Shui, living near hospitals, cemeteries and busy roads on the corner of them is very inauspicious. If the housing estate or flat complex is situated in a dangerous part of the city, consider moving out for your good sake.

In a Nutshell

Today you could read about the symptoms of low vibrations in your environment and achievements. No one can be happy and therefore have high vibrations having a cluttered house in a dodgy district or working with toxic co-workers and the boss. Then you will be stuck and see no progress in achieving your goals which will lead to frustration and disappointment.


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