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33 Symptoms of Low Vibrations Part Two

Symptoms of low vibrations are very serious and indicate energetic problems. You could read about the first 11 symptoms gathered in two categories in my last post. Today I will describe you two more categories.

Learn the first eleven symptoms of low vibrations 

Your Heart

The third category of symptoms deals with emotional issues, but they are typical to personal life rather than relationships.

12. Emotional Distance

“Cold as ice” or “heart of stone” describe this symptom the best.  You may be considered as indifferent, totally unengaged in the lives of other people.  You will show neither happiness and joy nor pain and sadness. It protects you from being hurt yet you lose many opportunities to find friends and helping people.

13.  Bottling Up Feelings

It usually concerns resentment and jealousy, but you can also meet angry people trying to hide their true feelings. But acting this way you change into a timebomb. The hidden emotions will kick out at the most unexpected moment, making damage in your personal life. This moment will be a great opportunity for negative beings to hook up to your aura, lowering your vibrations even more.

14. Finding it Hard to Forgive Yourself and Other People

Resentment is the sister of forgiveness. it is only your business to let go the negative energy of pain and all negative emotions triggered because you have been hurt. When you hold grudge your emotional life becomes cold as ice and more symptoms of low vibrations are found in your life then. Lack of forgiveness makes you the prisoner of the wrongdoer’s energy, you are bound by their energetic strings hooked up to your aura.

If your wrongdoer is a very negative person, with plenty of negative beings hooked up to him or her, you will be fed with their negative energy even if you have cut physical contact. Their negative thoughts will be chasing your mind, sucking your energy and higher vibrations if you still have some.

15. Struggling With Apathy Or an Uncaring Attitude

Lack of forgiveness or bottling negative emotions is the straight road to apathy and uncaring attitude. They are a brother and a sister of emotional coldness. You don’t care what is going around about you, focusing only on yourself and your pain.

16. Emotional Reactiveness

This is the opposite attitude to the previous symptom. Everything annoys you and when you show it your annoyance is not proportional to your situation, usually overexaggerated.  You become too sensitive to criticism and stings, seeking revenge every time someone says something negative about you. Time has come to find the balance between being cold as ice and reactive.

17.  Suffering From a Guilt Complex

This symptom emerges when you constantly feel guilty about something.  Guilt is a kind of lack of self-forgiveness. You cannot change the past but are still ruminating over it. The opposite extreme is when you justify your setbacks making other people guilty. Instead of taking action to change the situation, you blame everything and everyone for your misfortune.

18. You Are Overly Cynical And Skeptical

This symptom is very common in the case when people have hurt or stung you too many times. Then you expect another incident of bad treatment and your subconsciousness attracts you to more stingers and wrongdoers. If you do not take action, your vibrations will be full of anger, tension, resentment, grudge and you will never reach the frequency of love and happiness.

19. Struggling to Feel Gratitude

It is hard to be grateful if there are many hurdles in your life. But what you focus on comes to you. So instead of thinking about the things you lack or which are problems, start appreciating what you have and other people might not have. Writing the gratitude journal can be very therapeutic and raise your vibrations.

Your Body

All the categories of low vibration symptoms are co-dependent. Problems with emotional life are reflected by your health and body which has to filter the negative energy of your emotions or inharmonious relationships.

20. You struggle With Constant Fatigue And Lethargy

There might be many reasons for that. Sometimes it is just the season of the year – we sleep more in the winter and are tired when the season changes, e.g. feeling the spring tiredness. Other reasons include a lack of vitamins, minerals, and exercise. Whichever case it is, negligence of your health means low vibrations.

21. Struggling With Chronic Illnesses

Sometimes illnesses are lessons because of karma or not taking care of your body. Flu and colds are the most common, plus the so-cold civilizational illnesses – diabetes, coronary disease, and eventually cancer. Sometimes only this last disease is able to wake up people to start caring about the things which are indeed important in their lives.

22. You Feel Physically Unfit And Unhealthy

Again low vibrations come because of lack of care about your health. Too much sugar or also fat, too little exercise, sedentary lifestyle take their toll earlier or later. And the older you are, the bigger the punishment given to you by your body.

In a Nutshell

The next eleven symptoms of low vibrations concern emotions and your physical life. Most of them come from the negligence of your body and heart’s needs. You need to learn how to deal with hurts and stings, how to channel your negative emotions and how to find the purpose of your life to raise your emotional vibrations. In the case of the body taking care of your nutrition, sleep, physical fitness is crucial plus finding a balance between work, relationships and rest.


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