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6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 1

Some of my friends have asked me: ‘Why do we become ill?” It has inspired me to write today’s post and share some reflections with you.  The truth will not be easy to swallow, but I believe that then we will take some action to achieve longevity in good health.

6 Reasons Why We Become Ill

I will not write anything new. However, what I will write will be backed up by personal experience and knowledge. Generally speaking, there are five reasons for becoming ill, of which three are physical, another two are spiritual and one can belong to both categories.

1. Intoxication

We are being poisoned from everywhere. Let me mention only some of the sources:


Everyone has heard about chemtrails – the streaks looking like the condensation traces from planes. Yet if you look at the sky more carefully, these streaks vary – they are longer and grow, spreading on their sides. Then they create a kind of cloud, but it is not a cloud. Eventually, all the chemicals contained in chemtrails fall on the ground – on everything around, including water and soil. We also breathe the toxic heavy metals existing there, like aluminum, barium, copper and many others, exceeding the norms sometimes even a thousand times.

Chemtrails are not the only source of toxins from the air. Think of the fumes from cars, the smoke from houses heated by coal (not the smokeless one). Don’t forget about the risk of inhaling toxins while working as a painter, hairdresser, working with welding or being a miner.

The last but not least important category comprises… smoking  – cigarettes and cannabis.  Nearly all the Mendeleyev’s board is there. Even e-cigarettes are not safer.


As I wrote before, all the toxic heavy metals from chemtrails and other pollutants in the air fall on the ground and get to the soil with water or by tillage. Farmers plow the soil mixing the toxic ingredients and putting them even deeper. Next, they can pollute the underground waters.

Then the farmer sows or plants out wonderful crops which absorb the toxins from the soil. These dangerous ingredients are then built in the plants’ leaves, roots, and fruit and we buy them in the shop, mostly from supermarkets. When you add pesticides and herbicides, from which glyphosate is the worst, soil and food pollution is inevitable.


All the pollutants mentioned in the section about the air fall to the seas, oceans, and the sources of freshwater, lakes, rivers, ponds which become poisoned. And all the pollutants from the soil can also reach rivers and underground waters. Rainwater can be also polluted. You have probably heard about acid rains in some areas of the world. Even if water is treated for drinking, toxic elements are also used there, like fluoride.

You can not only be intoxicated by drinking water. Having a swim in a polluted lake or sea is equally dangerous. Toxins can be absorbed by your skin plus they can irritate it. Therefore, it is important to swim and go only to blue flag beaches.


I have already mentioned about the toxins absorbed by plants. But then farm animals eat these plants. Cows, goats, geese and other creatures absorb the toxic elements from their food and store in their bodies, eggs, milk. Then we process their meat, milk or eggs, adding even more artificial preservatives, commonly starting with the capital letter E.

Think of the cattle, pig, chicken or turkey breeding run on a mass scale. Food is enriched with hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives the same as ours. These animals should eat as much as possible to become fatty (geese, ducks) or to grow as fast as possible (pigs, chicken). Their meat and fat are not natural and they have cumulated plenty of toxins.

Apart from the real food we also eat desserts, drink coffee or tea, energizing sweet drinks. Even if there is no sugar in them, I can assure you, the glucose-fructose syrup or aspartame are even worse.

2. Lack of Necessary Ingredients

On the contrary, our food does not provide us with enough necessary ingredients, especially micro and macro elements. We need nutrients and catalysts. In some cases, the norm is even higher than for an average human being.


Very few people have the right level of selenium or silica, because the soil is stratified and depleted from the necessary elements by excessive farming. Today’s fruit has much less vitamin C than 30 years ago and in the winter we suffer from vitamin D3 shortage because of little sun. Even in the summer,  work indoors, eat in canteens instead of going out during the lunchtime. Many people suffer from magnesium shortage, mostly because of drinking caffeine which is not only in coffee.

The Special Cases

In some cases, even the right supply of nutrients can be insufficient. When you have flu or cold your body needs more vitamin C and D3, you need more folic acid while pregnant and during intense exercises or heavy physical work you need many more electrolytes than while sitting in front of your computer.

The Catalysts

Lack or shortage of some ingredients can also speed up intoxication of your body. All the antioxidants, while missing, will impair elimination of your own endogenic toxins – free radicals. Too little or no citric acid from lemons, for example, will not remove uric acid from your joints or tendons, causing gout or various inflammations.

In a Nutshell

We become ill because of five reasons. I have described the two first in this article, the rest will be published in the next post. Today you could learn that both intoxication and nutrients shortage can generate illnesses, including the worst ones like cancer.


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