6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 2

Yesterday I presented you the first two cases of becoming ill: intoxication of your body and shortage of the necessary nutrients. Today you will learn two more, equally important, reasons for becoming ill.

Physical and Emotional Reasons Fore Being Ill

Before I start describing these two factors, some words about addictions. Yesterday I mentioned smoking. However, I deliberately omitted drinking alcohol and using stimulants.  You will read about them while reading the fourth reason for becoming ill.

Today’s factors combine both physical and emotional reasons for developing an illness. We could also add the mental aspect in the case of addictions.

3. Lack of Exercise

When we are young, we tend to run, play team games, jump or do more walking than later. After going to secondary school, to the university and eventually to work, we are too tired and too bothered with daily routine and chores to do exercises. Moreover, every attempt of starting a training after a long period of motionlessness ends up with discomfort because your muscles are not used to more intense work. Therefore, the vicious circle continues.

When we work or are at home some positions are overused. I will write more about the sedentary and the standing ones:

The Sedentary Position

The sedentary lifestyle is a plague today. We work in offices, sitting in front of computers, then we drive our cars, eat in canteens sitting. Next the best. After coming back home from work we relax… watching TV sitting on the sofa or a comfortable armchair. We eat sitting at home and sometimes we also use the computer there. Now calculate how much time daily you use at work and at home in the sitting position.

When we sit, our back is overloaded, we often slouch and bend our head moving it forward. In this way, the head weights more than in the straight position so the neck part of the spine suffers. In the long run, the neck becomes stiff and hurts.

You need to be careful which chair you use, especially working at the office, and having scoliosis. If the chair is uneven, your scoliosis may deteriorate and hips may be also affected. It is also very harmful to work with the laptop for many hours, especially when the height of your desk does not match your height. Your right hand can be affected by constant using of the mouse and your hand may be deformed which eventually leads to carpal tuner syndrome which is very hard for treating by conventional medicine.

The Standing Position And Walking

Standing is also very common. Some professions require a nearly constant usage of this position. Think of kitchen porters, hairdressers, and barbers, cleaners, sales assistants and teachers. Your legs become overloaded, swallow and are prone to varicose, especially in case of women.

When you stand a lot of time your knee joints and feet are overloaded and more prone to injury when you suddenly change position. Standing position can also mean walking. When you do not rest, walking e.g downstairs can easily cause ankle sprain or metatarsal bone fracture, if you step in the wrong way, especially using the narrow staircase. Lack of exercise only increases the risk of injury because your muscles and tendons are not flexible enough to amortize the stress of your wrong step.

Lack of Motivation For Doing Exercise

Work causes a lot of stress. I will write about this factor later. Our muscles are stiff because we accumulate negativity there. When you sit or stand a lot some groups of your muscles are overloaded while others become weak and decay because of lack of exercise.

When you do not exercise lymph becomes stagnant, toxins accumulate in your blood and other liquids, going to each organ of your body. Intoxication causes fatigue and then you reach another cup of coffee, instead of doing some stretching exercises.

4. Stress And Low Vibrations

We all know that stress in moderation can be helpful because it mobilizes us for taking an extra mile or to cope with challenges better in our life. Excess stress impedes digestion and absorption of nutrients because all the energy goes to the fight and flight mechanism – to our bloodstream, brain, and large muscles. Too long stress leads to toxins cumulation because the organism has not enough time to eliminate them.

The Cause and Effect of Stress

Stress can be caused by external and internal factors although in most cases they combine. Your work, children, spouse of financial situation count to the external factors. But then, when you worry about your financial situation, are angry for a long time and keep this anger inside, when you feel hurt; your stress is internal.

Scientists proved that many diseases were caused by stress. Let me mention some only: cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, coronary disease, diabetes type two (especially by excessive compulsive sugar intake), infertility, sleep problems, lack of concentration and even forgetfulness.

Negative Vibrations

In spiritual life, we use the term “vibration”. It is the vibration of some specific frequencies like in the radio station. Everything resonates in the Universe, even animals and things like a chair or computer. You do not need to hear vibrations to feel their impact on your person. I will write more posts about some specific frequencies which have an impact on our organism and energy.

Not only objects have vibrations and resonate with the Universe in a harmonious or disharmonious way. Each word, emotion, and thought vibrates. Each sound of our speech vibrates and the meaning of a given word, too.

What Has Negative Vibrations

If each thought vibrates, imagine how important it is to use only positive thinking. Worry, anxiety, rumination carry a lot of negative energy which cumulates in your body later. Thoughts of self-harm or with the intention of hurting others, wishing your neighbours bad lack also carry negative vibrations and are very infective.

Negative energy is in each offensive word, and even with neutral words said in an angry, aggressive way. Shouting, yelling in order to fright or put down will never bring peace. Only calm calm conversation, with respect for your neighbour’s feelings and views, without interruptions, can carry positive vibrations and may eliminate accumulated stress.

Each deed aiming at harming you and/or other people resonates with negativity, the vibrations which trigger anger, hostility, and fighting. You breach the boundaries of your neighbour and they have the right to defend. If you deliberately provoke the other side to be aggressive, then your vibrations are extremely low and harmful. Therefore, think twice or even million times before doing someone any kind of wrong. Remember that karma is inevitable and you will reap the crops of what you have sown.

Drinking And Stimulants

Drinking is used for social reasons. But later, when you overuse it or start to find the remedy for your stress it becomes the real addiction. Alcohol is a toxin, but in small amounts can be dissolved and eliminated from our body. Think of tinctures used in alternative medicine.

We drink hectolitres of coffee to be more efficient at work or for social reason. Caffeine is not only in coffee. Coca-Cola, energizing drinks and even chocolate can raise your blood pressure, temporarily help your brain to work better. However, caffeine depletes magnesium and destroys the pineal gland. Teine can also be harmful in excess and drinking too much tea leads to constipation.

Sugar is another dangerous stimulant. Our brain needs glucose to work efficiently and this organ only needs 25% of the total supply of this fuel, leaving the rest for all the rest of the body. You can obtain glucose from eating carbohydrates or by ketone body synthesis, where fats are burnt Sugar belongs to disaccharides which means that the level of glucose rises very quickly in the bloodstream, triggering instant insulin surge. Too much insulin decreases the glucose level below the initial one so you become hungry again, reaching for another sweet treat.

In a Nutshell

Lack of exercise and stress also contribute to diseases development. Too much sitting or overloading your joints by excess walking and standing brings the danger of injuries. On the other hand, stress is the reason for all the civilization diseases, including the terminal ones. By your lifestyle, you can prolong or shorten your lifespan.


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