become ill part 3

6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 3

You have already learned about four of the six reasons for becoming ill. Yesterday I wrote how stress and lack of exercise impair our health. Two days ago you could read about intoxication and nutrients deficiency. Today you will learn the two last, but not least important factors.

Spiritual Reasons For Becoming Ill

So far you could read about the physical, emotional and mental reasons for becoming ill. Now the time has come to analyze those more spiritual. I will be writing about negligence and karma.

5. Not Taking Care of Your Life

This reason is the most frequent of all the six I am describing. It originates from the universal Law of Cause and Effect. In general – if you have neglected your health – the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical, it is on the cards that you will see the doctor earlier than later.

I have mentioned some ways how you can neglect your health and waste your vital energy. Now I will divide them into four categories: physical, emotional mental and spiritual. You can neglect them by thinking, speaking and taking action:

Physical Negligence

  • Using stimulants (caffeine, sugar),
  • Using addictive substances like alcohol and drugs,
  • Not taking enough nutrients in your food and drink and in case of their shortage – not supplementing the deficiencies.
  • Lack of exercise,
  • Lack of sleep,
  • Too much work, without enough rest,
  • Eating junk food (processed, without nutritional value, with preservatives and chemical additives),
  • Staying voluntarily in a toxic environment or not using protective clothes, masks, not reducing the number of toxins (e.g. by filtering water, washing vegetables and fruit in water with baking soda)
  • Staying indoors – avoiding the Sun and fresh air when the weather is fine.

Emotional Negligence

  • Holding grudge and resentment,
  • Lack of forgiveness,
  • Holding negative emotions (i.e. anger, jealousy, shame, envy, guilt),
  • Hate,
  • Digging the bumps under your neighbor’s feet,
  • Lack of care in a relationship, in your family,
  • Not loving yourself, self-criticism,
  • Emotional blackmail,
  • Lack of assertiveness,
  • Neglecting stress level, not reducing stress when it becomes too strong.

Mental Negligence

  • Worrying
  • Rumination
  • Negative Thinking (catastrophizing, labeling, jumping to conclusions, personalization overgeneralization, polarized thinking)
  • Thinking of harming yourself or doing wrong to your neighbors,
  • Negative self-talk,
  • Verbal abuse,
  • Offensive language,
  • Not channeling and treating anxiety when it appears.

Spiritual Negligence

  • Dirty aura, with hooks and negative beings,
  • Poor connection with God,
  • Lack of humility, excessive pride,
  • Low vibrations and not raising them,
  • No personal and spiritual development.

The Fields of Life In Disharmony

The more “sins” you commit, the worse the lesson. We also need to mention the fields of life where negligence can take place:

The Field of Work

In other words – your career and finance. Be careful not to put your professional life on a pedestal, neglecting other fields I will describe below. Moreover, when your work is toxic and you do nothing to change something around it or to find another one – you can book an appointment at the doctor.

Workaholism isolates your from people and regeneration, you reach for stimulants to be more efficient and for addictive substances to soothe the pain of being lonely because money will not buy you true love, respect, friendship, and genuine care.

The Field of Love And Relationships

Love is everything in spiritual life. You cannot be happy without true love, first to yourself. If you do not care for your relationship enough, negative vibrations will appear and this will lead to illnesses.

You need to cultivate many kinds of relationships, but the one which is often neglected the most is the relationship with yourself. If your self-talk is full of hate, you use offensive language, cannot accept something in your person, this negative energy accumulates in your body causing illnesses.

You can take care of your partner, but if he or she is toxic, then the time has come to review the relationship and maybe even move on. They have chosen the longer way to the Light by tasting the values of the darkness, you want to stay in the Light. You have the right to be happy and do not need negativity in your life.

You also take care of your children in this field. Remember that your children are independent beings. Your task is to teach them how to be the Being of the Light, someone who is a decent, practical, self-confident and happy, someone who can follow his or her soul path.

Your children are given to you for teaching you the values of the Light. No one is perfect and your children can show you it the best. Be humble enough to listen to them even if they cannot make money or buy a house.

Never use your children as the tool to achieve your own goals. Also, never use the power which your parents had over you so now you can use it over your children.

The Field of Family

it is also important to live well with your siblings and ancestors  – parents, grandparents and all uncles and aunts. You cannot change your parents. If they are stubborn, hold on the dogma and schema while you are open-minded, tell them that you respect their life path, but also ask for respecting yours.

Try to eliminate grievance, anger and negative emotions for unhappy and even traumatic childhood. Your parents are not perfect, but their parents might not have taught them how to love or even your parents were also loved conditionally. Wounds cause pain, but it is the play to focus on happiness and let the pain go.

The Field of Health, Regeneration And Fun

We neglect it the most, being overworked and overloaded with house chores, obliged to help others. Stephen Covey in “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” has named the seventh habit “sharpen the saw”. You cannot work efficiently, love your parents, children or spouse without enough rest. Every hour of work should be compensated by one hour of rest and regeneration.

We cannot rest. Instead of listening to the music which makes you happy, going out to the park, by the beach or at least watch the video showing these sceneries, you watch commercials on TV, go to McDonald’s or play computer games. Instead of meeting your friends in the real world, you go on Facebook.

6. Karma And Life Lessons

Beware how you take care of your health love and happiness in this life. Health is like money. You can squander it, but remember that in the next life your soul will choose you the life on a wheelchair or with other impairment. Sometimes serious illness is a kind of test, to show other people that despite the burden, the harder life, you can still be happy and radiate with love, accepting your situation.

More often karma comes out in the present life. Overspeeding while driving a car or even worse – drink alcohol before? An accident after which you can land in a wheelchair is very probable. Are you angry all the time, cannot forgive, hold the grudge, criticize yourself? Your internal organs will fall apart and the diseases mentioned in this post will appear.

Action Exercise

Before it is too late, look at your life right now. Be sincere with yourself and admit in which areas of life you neglect your health, relationships, and work. The more humble you are doing this balance sheet of your conscience the better. And it will be even better when you start taking care of your life since then.

In a Nutshell

Today you could read about the last two reasons for being ill: negligence and karma. We neglect our life in four dimensions; body, mind, heart and spirit plus we usually have disharmonious fields of family, love, work and regeneration. Karma is the consequence of your thoughts, words and deeds of your present and past lives.


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