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6 Things Your Soul Wants to Tell You

Some months ago you could read about soul contracts on this blog. Today I will broaden this topic, presenting you 6 messages that your soul wants to tell you.

The 6 Things Your Soul Wants To Tell You

We are all going through the life seeking a higher purpose. Since ages, we have been asking the same questions:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Am I living in the right way?
  • What does my soul yearn for?

All events ion our lives create us the opportunity of learning the truth, meeting the knowledge hidden in the deepest parts of our memory, waking up spiritually. They are the opportunity to manifest the “Who am I?” question.

Our Reactions

All events in our life just are and it does not matter if they are good or bad, but our reaction to them is important. Who we are, who we decide to be. We are not responsible for other’s behaviour, but for ours – yeas. When we realise that neither our emotions nor thoughts are ours, we feel the freedom and are able to control our reactions. Each situation in your life is a gift. To better understand it, your soul has got six messages for you

1. You Are Ok As You Are

Experiencing the higher and higher aspects of itself is the deepest yearning of your soul. Therefore, it climbs up, not down on the evolutional ladder. All next incarnations are for further evolution and exploration. Not repeating the same mistakes in each incarnation is important, as well as living in harmony with yourself.

All human bad deeds result from fear. Love is on the other side. In fact, there are only these two feelings and all other emotions are just their derivates. Hence remember, that fear and guilt may lead you astray. Love and awareness are the panaceas, including self-love.

We are worthy and important not because we are some kind of people, but just because we are. And it is okay. I will repeat: we are OK as we are. And each human being has an equal right to live.

2. Look At Yourself Through the Perspective Of Understanding

Although the way we react to the events in our lives is more important than these events, our thoughts about ourselves are even more important. We too often criticise ourselves for the imperfect outcome of our actions. Constant criticism and blaming, by thinking the following thoughts, “Why have I said it? Why have I reacted this way?”

Your soul wants you to look at yourself in a more lenient way. Even if you do something imperfectly, say “At this moment and according to the currently possessed knowledge, I have done all I could.” or “I am good enough as I am.”


3. Your Soul Wants You To Look Deeply Into Your Feelings

Your highest truth is hidden in your deepest feelings, therefore, explore your emotions and listen to your feelings. Work according to them and respect them. Your soul talks to you in this way, communicating you the things which your mind cannot understand.

Your spiritual growth will accelerate when you listen to your soul. Remember the thoughts are only imaginary creations of your or other beings’ mind while feelings are always true. Your inner voice is as a captain who navigates the ship. He or she is more important than books, guru or priests. Words are the most unreliable way of telling the truth because of their distortions, manipulation or overinterpretation.

4. You Are Here For the Loftiest Vision Of Your Life

Your soul does not need anything. He or she possesses everything – perfect wisdom, all the knowledge, strength, power and glory. However, the knowledge itself is not enough, your soul yearns for exploration and experiences. We are here to explore our lives and experience. – amusement, ease, serenity, love, goodness, compassion and joy which we are ourselves.

We are the most perfect, the greatest, the most deserving admiration God’s creatures. We are the wonder that just has to be discovered. But not knowing who we are true, we tend to consider ourself as someone worse.

Unfortunately, the conviction of being unworthy has been installed by our closest ones, – parents – who unconsciously have shown us these erratic messages due to being fed with them themselves.

Our parents have brought us up as consumers who will useless things, who feel as the second-category citizen without these things, who can be treated in a cruel way by their peers. Hence, how can we feel like a wonder in our adult life?

5. You Are Here to Celebrate Every Moment

It does not matter what you are experimenting with, but who you are feeling during this experience. Many of us, for example, succeed at our ventures, but we do not let feel the abundance that has just come and enjoy it. We suddenly move to another goal, ticking it and rushing again and again.

Stop and feast your eyes with the moment of achievement of your goal pursued. Your soul wants you to be part of an enormous wholeness. Realise that you are surrounded by the same energy everywhere, the energy from which you also come from. It has just got a different frequency and intensity. When you discover this truth, you feel some inner power which comes from the unity with everything that surrounds you.

This belief is destroyed by the feeling of separation, which is the reason for pain and disturbances. Therefore, we have been divided into we and you, these and those. God has been established as unreachable, somewhere in the sky. But the truth is that we are one infinite soul, coming from the same Source.

6. Your Souls Yearns Inner Balance and Calmness

We can indeed listen while being calm. When we are mindful, we open to understanding and this immobility enables us to connect with our Selves and take a journey inside ourselves. Therefore, meditation, especially in the forest, on the beach or in other natural place is so incredible experience.

Meditation purifies you from the events which have an impact on you. Better or worse. Then you notice that all pass by and there is the unchangeable Self inside you. Knowing who you give you enormous strength because meditation enables you to experience your true essence – your perfect goodness, love, compassion, gentleness and wisdom.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the six messages which your soul wants to tell you. Listen to him or her and find inner peace. Good luck.


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