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7 Simple Ways How To Live In the Light

We all know that people can live in the light or the darkness. Whichever choice implies consequences which will appear in this and/or the next incarnations. Therefore, we would rather follow the pathway of the Light. How to do it?

7 Simple Ways How To Live In the Light

The general rule of living in the light is simple: BE A KIND PERSON. But what does it mean? Each religion has its own definition.  For example, Jesus taught that you shall treat your neighbour as you want to be treated.

Understand as you want to be understood

Late American self-development guru Stephen Covey in his book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” defined Habit 5 as “UNderstand As You Want to be Understood”. We can also paraphrase his words as “You shall not judge”. Therefore, the person following the path of the Light will avoid comparing their life to someone else’s because we are always unique and never follow the same life path. Just think that we come from various families, grow in various environments and are different genetically.


Acceptance is the key for peace of mind. For example, guilt means that you have not done the homework in self-acceptance. However, we need to accept everything around and also other people, even if they make evil deeds.

Acceptance does not mean you have to like or love evil deeds and the wrong around. Just remember, that everything has a purpose in the Universe, which means that the evil deeds are also for some reason on the Earth. We are living on the Planet of Choice, hence you can always choose the Light or the Darkness.

When you start accepting everything which happens in your life, your peace of mind will grow, you will be less irritated, frustrated and just let the events go. It does not mean you need to sit and do nothing if you lose your job or someone has robbed your house. In the case, create the new reality, by taking action, not only doing, but also focusing your thoughts and words on the desirable outcome.


I think this value of the Light is clear – respect your neighbour as you want to be respected. “But what does respect men?” you might ask. Apart from no judgment, I would add no guilt manipulation, offensive language, pressing the buttons, scorn, and pride. Respect their opinions, their age, their way of working. They may be old, slow, irritate you somehow – but this is an opportunity if you have done your homework in respect.


It is for your good to forgive. Letting go negative energy and transforming it into Light is the foundation of spiritual development. Holding grudge, anger, hate and other negative emotions within you will bring you cancer and many other illnesses as our physical organs have got spiritual counterparts. I will write more articles about forgiveness in my blog soon.

Being Humble

Being humble does not mean unassertiveness or total submissiveness. However, in the case of a life lesson, it is important to honestly admit that you have made a mistake or done the wrong to another human being. False pride will never help you to become happy as the whole because your conscience will put an alarm which will make you uneasy


How often do we lack this virtue? Just think how many times you have sworn when you had to wait in the traffic jam or queueing in the shop? Admit honestly, how hard it is sometimes, to take care of children or an ill person. You can also lack patience at work when the rat race puts pressure on you. In some cases, the project cannot be speeded up just by your thinking. Leave it to the Universe to take care of.


Being a kind person is a must if you want to be the spiritualized being. Kindness raises your vibrations, i.e. energy frequencies which attract the similar ones to you. People who are kind have a bigger chance of finding a helping hand in need because the Universe reciprocates their positive energy.


I mean the unconditional love here, the agapae. It is the love for all the beings, not only your boyfriend or wife. Unconditional love also applies to trees, plants, crystals, and animals, including those which seem to be horrid, like a spider or a wasp. When you are able to love everything unconditionally, then spiritualization is present in your life.

In a Nutshell

Living in the Light means to be a spiritualized person. There are seven ways by which you can reach this level: understanding others, acceptance, respect, forgiveness, being humble, patience, kindness, love. This is not the complete list, yet just following these seven pathways will be a huge progress in this life and in all your way through reincarnation.


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