7 Symptoms Indicating Your Vibrations Are Increasing

You have already learned when your vibrations are high and when they are low. Sometimes you still may be misled with the way you follow to the Light. Today I will write about the seven signs when your vibrations are increasing.

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7 Signs Your Vibrations Are Increasing

There are generally seven symptoms of moving to higher frequencies, in other words – raising your vibrations. Each of them is equally important and adds to the total picture.

1. Your Energy Is Affecting Those Around You

When you start operating on high frequencies, reading energy will be your second nature. Then it will be a piece of cake for you to notice how your emanation with light raises vibrations of the people nearby you. The more values of the light you will master (e.g. forgiveness, generosity, acceptance, understanding, compassion, self-love), the bigger the impact on your environment.

2. Compassion For Others Comes From a Much Deeper Place

Higher frequencies mean more light. Therefore, you can become more empathetic, noticing that we all create oneness. Moreover, you understand and accept that not everyone has chosen the values of the light and some beings go to the Source the longer way. Therefore, you do not judge people’s deeds because you know that everything has its purpose in the Universe.

3. The Thought Patterns You Have Are More Loving In Nature

When you take responsibility for your thinking, your vibrations raise automatically as you start to focus only on positive, loving thoughts. Each thought which creates positivity and expresses love to other beings raises your frequencies. After a while you even do not need conscious control over your thinking, it happens automatically, on autopilot.

4. Children, Animals And Other People Seem To Be Attracted To You More Than Usual

Did you know that children and animals can notice the level of frequencies you are at straightaway? They are vulnerable to be hurt and therefore their instinct is clear. In case of children, they still can recognize pure good in other people, without calculating the profit. So the next time a strange dog comes to you or a child turns round in your direction be sure that tyour vibrations are increasing.

5. People, Places And Things Begin To Drop Out Of Your Life Unexpectedly

Staying on high frequencies require dealing with places, things and people staying on these frequencies as well. So when your vibrations are raising, you suddenly stop watching the news on TV, eat junk food or even meat, avoid some toxic people – complainers, backbiters and victims. You will start noticing every piece of green grass, every tree, flower, bush. You will start to enjoy the sunshine and the wind. Rain will be treated as cleansing of negative energy.

6. You Will Take Care More About Your Energetic Hygiene

It does not only concern having a clean aura, but also regular decluttering your house and mind. Moreover, the higher your vibrations the easier you will notice any kind of negative energy trying to hook up to your aura. Then instantly you can use music, crystals, prayers, affirmations, white sage and any other tools to come back to the peace of mind and soul as soon as possible.

7. You Start To Invest Your Energy In a Wiser Way

When you vibrate with higher frequencies, you become aware that every second of your energy is precious. Then your work will be more efficient, your rest will become more efficient and all your other activity will be more efficient. Moreover, you will put an intention to everything you will do, having special rituals.

In a Nutshell

You will notice that your vibrations are raising when the symptoms described here occur in your life. In general, when you become more aware of your energy, invest it wiser, when you drop off some people and places, then you will stay on higher frequencies.


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