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9 Steps To Regain Control Over Your Life

Do you recognise the moments when you lose control over your life? Everything is flowing, you are drifting and become dependent on other people’s decisions. The time has come to regain your power and control. Learn how to do it.

When You Lose Control Over Your Life

It happens that lack of control over your life is like the surf on the sea. You do what you have to do and your wide plans, dreams and desires are put off for “never” with “it’s impossible”. Your life starts to resemble a series of unfortunate events, the sequence of things which just happen to you accidentally.

When you lose control over your life, people and other beings may define it, influencing you by thoughts, body sensations and spiritual urges. Then your thoughts are negative if the being is negative. When you allow other forces to determine your life, it can be totally against your will and your real purpose.

Fortunately, you can regain control over your life whenever you want to. You can again have the feeling that you are following your true life path, giving you joy, happiness and fulfilment. You can be the actor in your play, not the viewer. You can grab your life and direct wherever you want to. Show who pulls strings here. You CAN achieve it all. How?

How To Regain Control Over Your Life

I will give you nine steps which will help you to regain control over your life. Let’s start by taking care of your body.

1. Improve the Length and Quality Of Your Sleep

Observe how many hours of sleep you need every day to feel fresh and eager to start a new day. Then introduce regular times of going to bed and getting up. By sleeping six to eight hours, you will have the vitality and motivation to climb the mountains, change the world and do something constructive for the world. Make an effort to create a habit of good sleeping because then it will be easier to create new habits.

Sometimes you might need help. Nightmares can be the sign of negative entities attacking you. Improper breathing also causes waking up at night. And remember to calm down your mind as intrusive thoughts can be detrimental to your sleep. Then you need to work on your mind. Use an affirmation


In the case of intrusive thoughts, put them to the bin and command your mind to eliminate them any time they emerge.

2. Limit Caffeine And Other Stimulants

In the case of alcohol – totally eliminate it from your life. Alcohol attracts negative entities, especially demons and you know how much evil is done in families and relationships after intoxication. Caffeine and sugar, plus all energy drinks give you some surge of power for a while but are detrimental, e.g. for your sleep.

3. Take Control Over Your Finances

In this way, you will regain control over the material aspect of your life. Discipline yourself to save up some money each week or month. Why? Because when you have some savings, there are some wonders: firstly, you can make your life more enjoyable without worrying about the amount, secondly you feel safer and more stable in the event of emergency expenses or loss of your job. Thirdly, your choices will come from your heart, not the urge to make a profit. And fourthly, having control over your finances is the part of living on your, not other people’s terms.


4. Keep Your Space Clean and Tidy

Clearing the physical clutter in your space, you will also get shot of mental and spiritual ones. I have already written some articles on how to clear the clutter.

Cleaning and tidying can be also spiritual and mental kind of detox, especially when you do it with intention. You can even meditate while hoovering or washing up, imagining that all the negative energy is being removed from your space.

5. Stop Worrying And Find a Solution For the Worst Scenario

If you tend to worry a lot and see everything in black, try to find the solution to the worst scenario. Having your lifebuoy, you will feel safer and more self-confident, regaining control over your life. Your fear will disappear or become much less intense because you are most afraid of the unknown.

6. Do What You Are Afraid Of

At least once per week leave your comfort zone. If you face your fears regularly, it becomes a habit and also costs you less energy, because you will learn it like a skill. In the beginning, when it is overwhelming, use some mental techniques. For example, think as if you have already faced the fear successfully. You can also use affirmations:


Practising facing your fears will help you when the real, unexpected challenge emerges and the fear level will be high. Then you can use all the techniques practised and polished for a long time. It is the same as when the sailor is not afraid of bumpy seas and then, in the case of a storm, is able to survive.

7. Remove All That Is Unwanted Or Makes You Unhappy

Again I am writing about the clutter, but this time it concerns the emotional and spiritual one. And I mean ALL the clutter, not only physical rubbish. It concerns your habits, thought patterns, your language. All that does not serve you makes you unhappy and lessens control over your life.

There is no point keeping the things which remind you of painful events, keeping contact with the people who hurt you, thinking negative thoughts or using an offensive language. They all suck energy from you so that you have less of it to fulfil your real purpose of life.

8. Take a Trip On Your Own

This trip will help you to discover your true life purpose, what your real desires are and what you do not want to do but you are doing. It can be a some-week escapade, but even a weekend break in the mountains in your own company will help you a lot. It is not only fun but also a feeling of independence, freedom which will be brought to other areas of your life.

9. Create the Ideal Life Vision

Think about how your future life would look like. To do it, ask and answer the questions below:

  • What kid of you would you like to do?
  • At what stage of life will you like to be? Whom with?
  • Who will be in your environment, hand to hand?
  • What will there be in your environment?
  • How can you see yourself in a year’s time? In five and ten years’ time?

Long-term thinking will help you to set goals and gain more control over your life.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about how to regain control over your life in all its dimensions. You can use the nine-step formula described in this article. Their main elements include sleep enough, limit the intake of stimulants, take control over your finances, keep your space clutter-free, remove all that makes you unhappy and stop worrying. Good luck.


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