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Are You an Empath? Test Yourself Part One

An empath… Have you ever thought why strange people open up in front of you and share their hidden thoughts with you? Can you connect to the selves of animals? Probably you belong to the beings called empaths. To be 100 per cent sure, test yourself.

What Does an Empath Mean

According to the dictionary, an empath is”someone showing an ability to understand and share the feelings of another being.”. So if you can tune in with your other half’s and friend’s emotions, to understand your dog or cat, you are definitely an empath.

19 Signs Showing That You Are an Empath

Ok, but what does it mean in particular? You have probably heard a lot of various opinions about empaths and are not sure which are correct. Below I will describe you the first ten features of empaths:

1. You Are Energy Sensitive

In general, you are sensitive to any kind of energy and emotions of people, plants, animals and other beings. This extreme sensitivity concerns your friends and foes, the people you know and who you do not know. As an empath, you have also sharper senses and better intuition than most of mankind

2. You Understand Other Beings’ Feelings And Experiences

Empaths are distinguished by the bigger easiness with which they can connect with the feelings of other beings. People usually feel empathy when others signal it by, e.g. their looks. However, you do not need to rely on the physical senses of sight, hearing and touch, as you can feel and absorb people’s and other being’s emotions whenever they are near and far.

3. You Are Uncomfortable And Exhausted At Crowded Places

Empaths do not like shopping centres, crowded city centres or public transport because these places are filled up with thousand different kinds of energies, often negative, including mind control. Therefore, you feel all that energetic cocktail as your own, which overwhelmed and lowers your vibrations. Apart from shopping centres or crowded streets and places, empaths also dislike:

  • hospitals
  • care houses
  • second-hand clothes, cars
  • houses with remaining energy of previous owners/tenants

4. You are a Voracious Explorer

Empaths like swallowing hundred of information to find a solution to a given problem, knowing that that the solution always exists. Hence, you are frustrated until you find it, often asking God, the Universe for help and using all the universal laws and spiritual tools (e.g. magic) to solve the problem.


5. You Are Interested In Metaphysics

Empaths can find themselves in many paranormal states and include them in the physical experience. These states include:

  • near death experience,
  • out of body experience,
  • contact with the dead being,
  • specific psychic skills.

All these states are usually considered as not normal and you are often regarded as mentally ill. But you as an empath, know that paranormal experiences are something normal in the Universe.

6. You Can Heal Others

Many empaths work healing other beings, not only people, especially holistically. You also work with energies, cleansing auras and removing negative entities and thought forms. To be able to do it properly, empaths have to learn to separate their own energy from one of the other beings. Otherwise, your peace and harmony will create disharmony because other beings may have negative energy.

7. You Do Not Use Violence Or Aggression

Empaths are usually non-aggressive and do not use violence, so you are a person who likes a peaceful and harmonious environment. Disharmony brings discomfort so empaths do all what is possible to avoid it. You often become a mediator in the case of conflict and act in order to solve the problem as soon as possible.

8. You Are Painfully Sensitive To Violence, Cruelty and Tragedy

It may concern the real form and the one presented in movies. It becomes unbearable for you watching a tragedy in the film or reading about something cruel, connected with physical or emotional suffering. When people, children or animals suffer, you also suffer because totally identifying with it.

9. You Have Deep Contact With Animals

Empaths have a very deep contact with animals of all species, resonating with these animals’ energy, like their purity and appreciate their unconditional love. You often prefer animals’ the people’s company and you usually own an animal. Many empaths often become vegetarians or vegans because they cannot accept the cruelty done to animals during slaughter. As an empath you have a clear understanding of animal’s suffering and fear, not understanding why so beautiful animals have not got the same rights as human beings and they have to die.

10. You Are a Genuine Carer

As empaths feel so deep and have a tendency of caring for other beings, you often work in volunteering and are passionately committed to your job, giving your time to animals, children and others in need. Empaths are excellent listeners, genuinely interested in happiness and right for others.

I have described the first ten features of empaths. The rest will be included in my next post, so stay tuned to my blog.

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you the ten features of empaths. In general, they include sensitivity to others’ moods and energies, disgust for cruelty and violence, connection with animals and extreme care.


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