Test If You Are An Empath Continied

Empaths are living among us. We might not recognise them. I have decided to make you more familiar with these human beings. You could read about ten features of empaths in my last post. Today I will present you nine more of them.

What Does It Mean To Be an Empath

I have already described the following features of an empath:

  • they are energy-sensitive,
  • they understand other beings’ feelings,
  • they are uncomfortable around crowded places’
  • they are voracious explorers,
  • they are interested in metaphysics,
  • they can heal others,
  • they do not use violence or aggression and are sensitive to it,
  • they have great contact with animals,
  • they are genuine carers.

Today you will learn the next nine features, also very important and having a big impact on your life:

11. You Feel Without Speaking

You can notice the schemes of other people because of your natural ability to sense them. This precious ability causes that others have difficulty to deceive you or hide their intentions. You just know the feelings and intentions of other people, even if they have been met only once. You are also fluent at reading body language and noticing subtle changes in speaking, which can be missed by other people.

12. You Demand To Tell the Truth By Yourself And Others

An empath demands sincerity from themselves and others. You can feel very uncomfortable when you notice that someone cheats you, manipulates you or acts in a double-faced way. Because of this discomfort, empaths do not accept and tolerate the attitudes and traits mentioned above. It concerns other people and the empaths themselves. You can be very tolerant, but not in the case of unnecessary drama, selfish behaviour or narcism. You also do not tolerate negativity in other people, especially judging others and jealousy. These attitudes instantly drain the empaths’ energy.

13. You Cannot Deceive Yourself

Empaths can neither deceive themselves nor be able to pretend that they are happy in the case when something does not bring enjoyment. It can concern social activity and work. Your work has to give you the feeling of purpose, otherwise, you will suffer emotionally, physically and spiritually. Many empaths’ work includes creative areas of life, such as dancing, music, writing, painting, arts. These fields empower the empaths’ souls and have a big significance for their good wellbeing.


14. You Cannot Pretend Happiness

Empaths cannot pretend that they are happy while not being so and that worry can flood them at any time. You are being bombed by overwhelming energies – negative and positive ones all the time so that your mood can swing significantly. You can be very happy at one time and suddenly blue a moment later. An empath can be the soul of the party for a while and later quiet and withdrawn. When empaths are unhappy, they cannot hide it, even if they are trying. Your suffering is painted on your face.

15. Limits Make You Unhappy

There is one thing that makes empaths unhappy: their limits. You love freedom and must have the freedom of movement and expression. Empaths feel imprisoned by control, routine, too strict rules or by the rules in which these people do not believe. You have a big urge to experiencing the full pulse of life – adventures and courage. By having various life experiences empaths have knowledge concerning a wide range of topics. Hence they may feel as sages but usually humble to their achievements, unless asked by someone. You feel more comfortable talking about other people’s achievements.

16. You Are Warm And Compassionate

Empaths release a deep level of inner warmth and compassion which attracts people to them. Strangers sense it from afar on the level of their subconscious mind, making a confession to you, often about private issues. Before they realise it, these people pour their hearts on you. The same applies to animals who ate tamed and bound very quickly.

17. You Are Deeply Connected To the Same-Minded People

Your deepest connections with others on the deepest level are with these people who are similar, who understand you and who are open, expressive and frank. An empath can form long-lasting friendships, often for a lifetime. In the case of relationships with the less-same-minded people, there will be always something missing, even if they get on well.

18. It Is Hard For You To Focus On Non-Stimulative Things

Empaths have difficulty with being focused on the things which do not stimulate their minds. You are a dreamer who is easily bored and distructed. Without stimulation, your mind will move to another place, or you can even become absent-minded., miles away from reality.

19. Your Life Is Marked With Duality

Physically empaths are living in a dense, dark world, filled with negativity and low vibrations, known as the Earth. However, you are mentally living in the world full of light and optimistic spirit, pure energy and high vibrations. It is hard for you to become grounded because you understand the freedom of alternative world while having to remain on the Earth to fulfil your mission for this incarnation.

In a Nutshell

Today I have described you the nine less known features of empaths. They include in particular: connection to the same-minded people, duality, warmth and compassion, being unhappy because of limits.


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