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Are You an Energetic Vampire? Test Yourself

You have probably heard not once about an energetic vampire and how they influence your life. However, in many cases, it happens that you might act in the same way. Check if it is true.

Who Is an Energetic Vampire

“An energy vampire is somebody who literally zaps your energy dry,” Judith Orloff, MD

That is the main assessment. You will learn shortly why someone might tell “an energetic vampire” about you. Hopefully, when you finish reading this post, it will not be true.

However, before I describe the traits of an energetic vampire, beware that not only human beings can belong to this category. As you know we are not alone on this planet and strange souls, extraterrestrial beings or other entities can also suck your precious energy.

Vampire Assessment

This test is about you, but it is advisable to check your family and friends later, especially those who definitely drain your energy. Let’s start then:

1. Making Other People Puzzled, Hurt Or Confused

You might not be aware of this kind of influence on other people. The reactions may be delayed because the pain of being hurt can often come after some time. Sometimes other people can be confused or puzzled, especially when your communication is not clear and direct. All kind of ambiguous language or mind-reading can add the last straw to the situation.

2. People Feel Negative After Encounter With You

The problem may concern various feelings. Some may complain about being just exhausted. However, tedium, anxiety and irritation are also very common. Beware when someone will feel threatened, overwhelmed or depressed after they are around you.

Another reason may concern your vibrations. If you have some entities which are feeding on your energy, chances are that they will also drain your friends, partner and anyone you encounter with.

Read more about vibrations here:

3. You Do Not Keep Promises

In other words, you can be great at “selling” yourself but consistently fail to deliver the goods. Think about how many times you have committed this “sin” in your life. It may be nondeliberate, we are all spontaneous and promising too much can happen to anyone. However, in the future be careful when you promise something or declare to do a given task at work.

4. You Are Lying

It is probably one of the biggest crimes in human relationships. Sometimes you may manipulate with the truth to choose the lesser evil, using so-called white lies, but deliberate and obvious lying is a no-no at all times. However, remember that whichever kind of lying you do, karma will return it later multiplied.

5. A “Difficult” Person

This is a problematic trait as “difficult” is an ambiguous word. Generally writing, it may be one or more of the following traits. He or she:

  • plays the victim always complaining,
  • is hard to be satisfied with the things you offer,
  • is a kind of emotional refrigerator,
  • tells nothing about himself or herself,
  • is too nosy,
  • is a gasbag,
  • does not want to cooperate in the group,
  • avoids eye contact,
  • others, not mentioned here.
energetic vampire

6. You Are a Gossiper

Talking behind other people’s back is also one of the greatest breaches of good interpersonal relationships. Of course, sometimes you have not got bad intentions talking about other people, we all do that. However, when you criticise or say mean things about someone behind their back, no one would want to have such an individual as their friend, not to mention an intimate or business partner.

7. Intuitively, People Mistrust You

How many times has someone told you “Sorry, I have to confess it to someone else, I don’t trust you.” Unfortunately, it is very easy to lose someone’s trust, especially by letting them down or lying them. If you feel that people stopped consider you as a trustworthy person, think what reason may be of that state. Is it just a general impression or a bad reputation? What can you change then?

8. You Create Conflicted and Chaotic Relationships

In the worst cases, you can be called a psychopath. However, I can assure you, that then you would probably not be reading this article. But, if you have short temper or are indecisive, stubborn and too critical, this may deteriorate your relationships with others.

9. Wanting Something That Other Pople Do Not Want To Give

In other words, you force other people to meet your demands. Being pushy never generate high vibrations and help you to find new friends. Moreover, if you use threats and blackmail, people neet to avoid you like a plaque.

What can you want from other people while being pushy? For example, they should:

  • give what you want,
  • accept your offer, present,
  • spend time with you while they are busy,
  • meet your emotional and physical needs,
  • do what you want (e.g. go for a walk together),
  • say the things that you want.

10. You Do Not Respect Other People’s Needs

It does not mean you have to buy them presents or be at any time they want you to. The point is that sometimes you may not allow others to have equal rights. Being a gasbag is the most common example.

The same applies to the case when you decide for other people without asking them for permission. Any kind of overpower and domination without the right to have their say means that you can be draining other individuals’ energy.

There are not all the symptoms of being an energetic vampire. If you know more, just leave the comment so I can enrich this blog with your ideas. Thank you.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about the features of an energetic vampire and were able to check how many apply to you. Some of them include lack of respect for others, forcing them to do something they do not want, being a victim, causing conflicts, gossipping behind others’ back. Even one of these traits when found requires immediate action to eliminate it in order to be a positive person, empowering other beings, not only people.


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