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Are Your Chakras Healthy? Test Yourself Part 1

Having balanced chakras is very important and you could find the most common symptoms of imbalances in my last post. Today you will be able to check if your chakras are healthy.

Why It is Important To have Healthy Chakras

Healthy chakras are the source of happiness in each area of your life: love, abundance, health and spirit. Any disturbances or damages of your chakras cause problems which may be very serious.

How Healthy Are Your Chakras

Before I start describing the symptoms, let me explain you the difference between the balanced and healthy chakras. It might mean the same as unbalanced chakras are unhealthy, too. However, apart from the energy flow, there are also some more factors determining if your chakras are healthy:

  • Hook-ups of negative beings which drain your chakras and can even damage them.
  • Hamages caused by the negative energy. Apart from hook-ups which cause wounds, too rapid energy flow can also cause damages.
  • Poison by toxic energy of the worst beings, including demons.
  • Inprisonment by energy strings connecting you to other people’s chakras by lack of forgiveness, vows and other attachments.

Now read the list below. You will find the symptoms of unhealthy root and sacral chakras. The more symptoms you will find, the more work you need to do in order to be fully happy. On the other hand, when you have very few symptoms, do your best to keep up the good result through the rest of your life.

Root chakra

This chakra is responsible for the basic material aspects of our life: security on all levels plus the basic functions of our body: excretion, sleep, procreation, eating. Here are the most common symptoms of unhealthy root chakra:

Obsession about money

  • worrying that you do not have enough,
  • catastrophic thoughts about going poor, becoming homeless,
  • being afraid when someone from your family spends too much,
  • the urge to ahve absolute control over your finances.

Mistrust of others

  • fear of being robbed/stolen,
  • fear of being raped/beaten,
  • fear of being deceived,
  • fear of being humiliated.


  • avoiding asking favours from others (even when you really need them)
  • working alone,
  • fear of asking for help in need.


  • working overtime,
  • always taking extra jobs from your boss,
  • being unable to rest during holidays.

Having a dsfunctional relationship with your family

  • keeping no contact with your parents/ parents-in-law,
  • communication problems with your family,
  • domestic violence,
  • verbal abuse,
  • emotional blackmail.

Being terrified of a loss of control

  • in your financial life,
  • in your family life,
  • as yourself (being afraid to cry, vomit or faint in public.)

Being hyper vigilant to any perceived signs of threat 

  • robbery,
  • theft,
  • being beaten/raped,
  • verbal abuse,
  • scoff, ridicule,
  • phobias.

Feeling Unstable

  • dizzy,
  • anxious,
  • ungrounded,
  • having vertigo,
  • having a panic attack.

Finding difficulty in being yourself around others

  • putting masks while speaking to others,
  • behaving stiff and standoffish,
  • wearing clothes which mask your true self,
  • always controlling your words and gestures.

Feeling disconnected from other people and nature

  • feeling lonely and rejected,
  • feeling cut off the nature.

Hoardng things

  • cleaning stuff,
  • food,
  • papers, stationery,
  • files on computer,
  • souvenirs,
  • clothes.

Binge-eating or stopping eating completely

  • emotional eating,
  • compulsive eating,
  • fast because of feeling guilty.

Having leg and feet problems

  • swelling,
  • infection,
  • cramps,
  • poor circulation,
  • cold legs,
  • varicoses.

Gaining weight around the bottom half of your body

  • thick thighs,
  • big button,
  • swollen calves.

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is responsible for sexual activity, creativity, movement, flow and pleasure.  Any damages or blockages can exist when you encounter the following symptoms:

Addiction to anything that brings pleasure

  • food,
  • gambling,
  • sex,
  • work,
  • alcohol,
  • drugs,
  • compulsive buying,
  • computer games,
  • watching soap operas.

Feeling emotionally numb or cold

  • inability to feel very much of any kind of emotion,
  • coldness in relationships,
  • standoffishness.

sexual frigidity

  • having a low to non-existent libido,
  • having problems with orgasm/erection,
  • punishing yourself for “committing sins.”

sexual impulsiveness

  • excessive sex drive,
  • porn addiction,
  • inclination to commit rape or become a prostitute.


  • inability to handle spontaneity,
  • inability to handle uncertainty,
  • being paranoid about what people will say about you.

having reproductive problems

  • infertility,
  • impotence,
  • menstrual issues,
  • anorgasmia,
  • endometriosis,
  • fibroids.

constant fatigue

  • having little energy for work,
  • having little energy for sex,
  • having little energy for enjoying the life.

feeling inhibited and repressed

  • from expressing your true feelings,
  • from expressing your true desires,
  • from being creative.

Being extremely emotionally reactive

  • crying too much,
  • dramatising and become panicky.

being emotionally imbalanced

  • hypersensitive,
  • emotionally aloof.

being creatively blocked

  • overthinkin everything,
  • not showing your new ideas to others.

Having lower back, kidney or large inststine disorders

  • kidney stones and inflammation,
  • back pain,
  • lumbago,
  • shingles,
  • large intestine problems – cancer, constipation, diarrhoea.

In a Nutshell

I have presented you the symptoms of unhealthy first two chakras: the root and the sacral ones. The most frequent symptoms concern worrying about money, relationship and health problems. My next posts will describe the remaining five chakras.


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