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Beware Of The New Virus…

Not far ago the world became infected with a new virus: the coronavirus. However, very few people are aware that there is another, even more, serious danger. What is it?

What Is Coronavirus

According to WHO, “coronavirus is e a large family of viruses found in both animals and humans. Some infect people and are known to cause illness ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

We can see the same panic as in the case of the swine flu. Will there be an epidemic? A pandemic? The truth is different. Firstly, you can treat this virus and secondly… there is one more infectious one.


This article will not show you what to do with coronavirus. To protect from it, use large amounts of vitamin C and D3 plus raise your vibrations. If you do suffer from complications, like pneumonia, strengthen your body by intravenous administration of sodium ascorbate, the DMSO, perhydrol and 200,000 IU of vitamin D3 orally.

Apart from medical ways to protect from coronavirus, you can be sure that it will only attack those who stay on low vibrations. If you are full of anger, bitterness and grudge, your body is already weakened. Then the virus has an easy way to attack you.


Coronavirus is also about grabbing your attention. Many times, you could notice that some topics on the mainstream media are only a smokescreen for hiding the public attention from more important issues on the globe. Watch what else, described in the alternative media, is happening.

The Real “Danger”

This article is also neither propaganda of NWO nor of other conspiracy theories. However, the actual epidemics concerns the virus much more contagious than Ebola and coronavirus. It is also incurable.

The germ of occasional and often existing as isolated – disease – seems to be mutating rapidly now. It has appeared in some countries simultaneously, including Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is spreading faster than Ebola and any other virus.

I am talking about the AWAKEN flu. This “disease” makes the Matrix dreadful. The WHO, in this case, describe it as a critical danger for the current system of monetary enslavement because the virus suddenly makes your mind clear and sober.


The Incubation And Development

All starts harmlessly. You start drinking pure, fluoride and other elements-free water plus nurture in a healthy way. All is being induced by the power of Now.

Next, an explicit repulse of the mainstream media comes. Eventually, the symptoms induce elevated awareness of Oneness, the total connection with your own Soul and the freedom from fear. Your vibrations skyrocket, deterring all negative entities, hexes and maledictions, plus immunising you to negative people’s stings and hurts.

Eventually, the “disease” ends with selfless Love, humility and gratitude to yourself, the Source – God, Mother Earth and all their creatures.

The Matrix Is Helpless

The system has tried many methods to stop the “disease” inefficiently: the HARP, chemtrails, the Soccer World Cup and even mass vaccinations run at an accelerated rate. They have also introduced false flag operations and threatened the world with the next big war. But all that does not work. The Elite is totally helpless.

This virus exclusively forced WHO to announce the alert of the highest epidemic danger. Why? Because this virus can totally change life on the planet. Therefore, WHO has sent an SMS to 7 billion of Earth inhabitants: “Please, stay in your Matrix, you are safe there.” Unfortunately, there was no response to this message.

The most efficient broad-spectrum antibiotic (i.e. the brainwashing mass media content, repeated constantly) has seemed not to work for the first time in history.

It is even worse. The infection causes quick and irreversible immunity to all kind of manipulation. The infected person will never come back to his or her old, “permitted” thinking patterns again.

The virus has been identified quickly by scientists, but they have not been able to isolate it as soon as possible, so the epidemic seems to spread put rapidly.


The scientists have named the virus “The Truth” or “Akasha Virus”. As it is very infectious, please avoid contact with independently-thinking individuals, and acting in a responsible way. There is also a suspicion that this virus may be spread by telepathy.

The recent science have already discovered further information about new weays of becoming infected:

  • The illness usually starts from having read this decoded text.
  • Incubation time lasts only some milliseconds.

Is It Really Dangerous

If you have high vibrations, take responsibility for your life and live according to the values of light, this virus will do you no harm. Moreover, it will strengthen your immunity to the attacks of the Darkness. However, people who are living in the Matrix and do not prefer the values of the light may suffer from an alarm for waking up and tuning to the New Times which are coming.

They may encounter a sudden health deterioration or an experience of loss in their lives. Most of them will not accept the truth during the first stimulation, so the lessons will come as more severe later.

Unless you close the past, close the karma, love yourself, take responsibility for your life and decide to be a decent individual, the Akasha Virus is not dangerous but becomes your friend.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt the truth about the Corona and Akasha Viruses. I have also described who is at risk in particular, how you can infect and what you can do to prevent and recover from the disease. Good luck on the way of awareness and living in the light. Stay safe and God bless.


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