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Parents. How To Reconcile With Them

Not far ago you could read about self-love and letting go of negative energy. The problems within these issues often result from a bad relationship with your parents. How to heal them?

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Learn Why We Should Let Go Of the Past

Some of my friends asked me a question a week ago “How to let go of the past?” I consider this issue as critical and therefore have decided to give you some answers in today’s post.

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Are You an Empath? Test Yourself Part One

An empath… Have you ever thought why strange people open up in front of you and share their hidden thoughts with you? Can you connect to the selves of animals? Probably you belong to the beings called empaths. To be 100 per cent sure, test yourself.

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10 Ways How To Ultimately Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is very important in spiritual life. It sets you free and helps with eliminating life baggage. But the hardest thing is to forgive oneself. Learn how to do it efficiently.

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The Language of the Light

One of my last posts was about raising vibrations. I mentioned there how important the quality of your language was. Today I will give you an example of the language of the Light, i.e. the beings staying on high frequencies.