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Parents. How To Reconcile With Them

Not far ago you could read about self-love and letting go of negative energy. The problems within these issues often result from a bad relationship with your parents. How to heal them?

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How To Be Grateful In 12 Ways

We are all the beings of the light who are learning to live according to the values of light. Gratitude helps us to achieve this goal. Today I will describe 12 ways of being grateful.

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How Mother Earth Helps Us To Create Brilliant Life

My heart says ‘Hello’ to your heart. Today I will show you how to create a brilliant reality being connected to Mother Earth.

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The Language of the Light

One of my last posts was about raising vibrations. I mentioned there how important the quality of your language was. Today I will give you an example of the language of the Light, i.e. the beings staying on high frequencies.