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How To Take Holistic Responsibility For Relationships

A close friend of mine, after having read my post about taking responsibility, became very curious about how to implement it in the case of relationships in a holistic way. Today I will give you an answer.

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45 Effective Quantum Questions For Your Chakras

Quantum questions have become very popular in today’s world. You can apply them to everything in your life. Today I will show you how to use quantum questions for chakra balancing.

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How to Take Advantage of the Waning Moon

You could already have read some posts about the Moon on my blog. You probably also know what to do (and avoid doing) during the New Moon and Full Moon. Today I will teach you how to make the most of the waning Moon.

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12 Symptoms of High Vibrations And More

My last three posts showed you the 33 symptoms of low vibrations. Now the time has come to describe the opposite situation. However, this time I will do it a bit differently. Read how.