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6 More Mistakes Made During Meditation

Mistakes are very common during meditation, especially when you are the beginner. You have already learned six of the most common ones, today I will describe some more serious, more subtle, but also important pitfalls.

Happy Soul Meditation

The 6 Mistakes Made During Meditation

Spiritual life is inseparably linked to meditating. However, those who have not much practice how to conduct a meditation may fall into many traps and make mistakes. Today I will describe to you some of the most common of them.

Aura and Chakras Crystals Meditation

How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Part 2

You have already read how important chakra healing is. My last post described which crystals are appropriate for these seven energetic centres. Today you will learn how to use the crystals to balance chakras.

Aura and Chakras Energy And Vibrations Healing Music Meditation

How To Balance And Heal Your Chakras By Music

Many readers have asked me about healing chakras. Apart from affirmations, I have found some other ways of working with these energetic centres. Today I will write how to use music frequencies for chakra healing.