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The Soul Contract. How To Live With It

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: “What is a soul contract?” I answered her and later have decided to present the answer today. Learn how to recognise and fix a soul contract.

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6 Reasons Why To Take Responsibility For Your Thoughts

We all know how powerful our thoughts are. However, in many cases we do not take care of the quality of our thinking, letting negativity flood our minds. Today I will present you the six reasons why it is worth trouble to take responsibility for the quality of our thoughts. My next post will explain to you what it means to be responsible for your them.

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6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 3

You have already learned about four of the six reasons for becoming ill. Yesterday I wrote how stress and lack of exercise impair our health. Two days ago you could read about intoxication and nutrients deficiency. Today you will learn the two last, but not least important factors.

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What Is Karma And How To Close It

If you are interested in spiritual life, the term of karma is something that may have come to your might earlier or later. Many blogs describe how karma is created, but very few give you the solution what to do with this challenge.