Crystals Happy Soul

How To Program Crystals

Last month I published some posts about using crystals for chakra balancing. For the best result, they need to be cleansed and recharged regularly. However, not many people know how to program crystals.

Aura and Chakras Clearing the Clutter Crystals

How To Clear Crystals

My last two posts have taught you how to use crystals for balancing your chakras and which crystals to use. However, you need to take care of these gemstones. Today I will teach you how to clear crystals.

Aura and Chakras Crystals Meditation

How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Part 2

You have already read how important chakra healing is. My last post described which crystals are appropriate for these seven energetic centres. Today you will learn how to use the crystals to balance chakras.

Aura and Chakras Crystals Energy And Vibrations Happy Life

12 Ways How To Raise Vibrations

Lately, you could have read about vibrations on my blog; when they are high and when low. Today you will learn what to do to increase the vibrations for you will stay on higher frequencies when negative energies attack.