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Michail Tombak. Can We Live For 150 Years Part Two

You could read in my last article that there are five factors determining if you live for 150 years. You have met the first three of them. Today I will write about the last but not least two factors: body hygiene and stress management.

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Michail Tombak. Can We Live For 150 Years Part One

My last article has given you some ideas about how to live longer. Today I would like to present to you the ways used by Michail Tombak. He claims that we can live for 150 years. Why are we not living so long then?

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How To Declutter Your Life Efficiently Part Three

You could already read how to declutter your house, workplace, relationships and unfinished business in my last two articles. Today I will explain how to clear the clutter from the rest of your life.

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10 Kinds Of Clutter In Your Life Part Two

Clutter is a serious issue in our lives and we often procrastinate to clear it. I have started from your house because this is the space you spend most of your time. Now let’s check the other areas of your life.

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6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 1

Some of my friends have asked me: ‘Why do we become ill?” It has inspired me to write today’s post and share some reflections with you.  The truth will not be easy to swallow, but I believe that then we will take some action to achieve longevity in good health.