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How To Take Advantage of the Waxing Moon

Not far ago you could read about how to make the most of the Waning Moon. Today, as we are after the New Moon, I will describe auspicious activities during the Waxing Moon phase.

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How To Fast On Ekadashi Day

Some of my friends asked me to write an article about Ekadashi day when I told them about the fast I do then. Hence, today I will make you more familiar with this holiday, somewhat exotic for the Western culture.

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How to Take Advantage of the Waning Moon

You could already have read some posts about the Moon on my blog. You probably also know what to do (and avoid doing) during the New Moon and Full Moon. Today I will teach you how to make the most of the waning Moon.

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How Mother Earth Helps Us To Create Brilliant Life

My heart says ‘Hello’ to your heart. Today I will show you how to create a brilliant reality being connected to Mother Earth.

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How To Make the Most of the New Moon Day

In January I have written three articles about the Moon. One of them explained how to make the most of the Full Moon day. Today you will read how to make the most of the New Moon Day which will be in two days’ time.