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How To Make the Matrix Your Friend

We all complain about the system, the Matrix and its negative consequences for our lives. However, have you ever considered making friends with and use it to your advantage? Learn how to do it today.

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4 Spiritual Laws That Always Work

A friend of mine asked me yesterday: “What are the spiritual laws to follow? I had to think for a while. nevertheless, eventually, I sat down and wrote this post. Learn more about the four Indian spiritual laws.

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The Law of Cause And Effect – How To Make the Most of It

One of my readers has commented the “The Law of Vibrations Explained” ans asked for more similar articles. Today I will do the deed and write about the Law of Cause and Effect.

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The Mystery And Controversy of the 432 Hz Frequency

Some days ago I wrote a post about 528 Hz frequency. Today you will learn about the one, stirring controversies and debates, the 432 Hz.

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33 Symptoms of Low Vibrations Part Three

I described you the first 22 symptoms of low vibrations in my last two posts. You could read what goes wrong in the areas of mind, heart, relationships and your body. Today you will learn about the last group of symptoms which impede your happiness.