Why Eating For Comfort Destroys Your Happiness

Not far ago I wrote an article about workaholism. Today I would like to discuss another controversial issue: eating for comfort. How does it affect your body and soul?


Overeating is the excess food consumed in relation to the energy that an organism expends (or expels via excretion), leading to weight gaining and often obesity. It may be regarded as an eating disorder. This term may also be used to refer to specific episodes of over-consumption.


Eating too much means that you are chasing something pleasant when you need to reduce stress because of workaholism or lack of harmony in your family life of health. When something wrong happens in your life it is easy to grab a piece of something tasty, a bar of chocolate, an ice cream or a lovely cake.

Overeating happens when negativity hits your life. Here are examples of excuses you use: “I am lonely, nobody understand me, I have bad luck, my life is a hurdle.”

But it is a vicious circle. Overeating will not improve your health and also may lead to social alienation instead of bigger pleasure. You might have an illusion of control over your addiction, but one day your body says “Stop!”… and you cannot stop. The brutal truth is that you have lost control.

Two Important Questions

Now let’s ask two very important questions while overeating:

  • What is the benefit of eating too much? (grabbing another ice cream, chocolate or cake)
  • Do you really change your reality by overeating? How?

Do it in writing. But the brutal truth is that your reality will not change by overeating. It will change when your health deteriorates enough to become seriously ill, to gain much weight, to have problems moving.

Difficult Habits To Eradicate

The truth is brutal. But until something serious happens, you still reach for another piece of pseudo pleasure, finding a tone of excuses. Your body is becoming bigger, but you say ‘There is no problem with putting on weight, my life is hard, I am entitled to some pleasure.’ ‘Nobody wants me so I can look as I look.’

Learn about the reasons of being ill

fighting with your body

While eating for comfort you have an illusion of having control over your life. But when your body tells you “Enough” you ask the question ‘Why? I had control over my eating, my life! Why do you rebel against me?! Everything is against ma and you too ?! How dare you!’ And you start fighting with your body instead of noticing that the lighthouse of your light gives you a warning.

When you do something that is harmful to your body, it warns you all the time: ‘Change your habits! Start taking care of your health.’ But you usually answer

‘What change? The universe should change, not me! I was hurt so many times, had bad luck all the time. God should ascend, apologise to me and change the universe and I should have all that I want!’

what is god telling us?

And you still, eat junk food, drink, smoke use drugs and stimulants. However, God is always with you, telling you every day by your consciousness and morality:

! Don’t do it, don’t drink, don’t eat junk food. I have given you free will. I have given you the universal law stating that if you change, the world around you will also change.’

questions to the universe

constant arguing with god and your body

But you do not listen. If overeating is combined with workaholism, you also feel the pressure to do more and more, eating more and more. When eventually your body rebels, you go to the doctor for a quick fix tablet. Firstly you start taking painkillers which are addictive, then you drink hectolitres of coffee or other stimulants. However, one day your liver and stomach cramps cause that you are wriggling with unstoppable pain, unfixable by tablets.

What are you do then? Anger for yourself and all the world comes which means that you start destroying your body even more. You say ‘How dare my body have so terrible pain when I am living like everybody else!’

Eventually, when your health breaks down, everything deteriorates at home, work, and your relationship, you have more expeditures while being unable to work. All the troubles cumulate just when you cannot do much about it. And usually that is the moment when you wake up.

However, some people will be still obdurate, having excuses and fighting with themselves. Eventually a very serious disease comes, like cancer or heart attack. They might get another chance then, but usually it is too late, because they still will be arguing with God or themselves.

God has not punished you, all the unfortunate events are the crops you have collected from the seeds sown earlier, i.e your destructive lifestyle. You have not listened to your conscience, body, friends, even the doctors.


The Solution

Everyone has experienced it at least once. Is anger the right solution for unfixable pain? No, the only way to stop it is bringing back harmony to your life, as I wrote in my lasts post. The harmony between work, love life and rest. Then everything else starts to be good in your life and you will become happy.

The only way to bring back harmony is to stop overeating, work too much, drink or take stimulants. You need to cleanse your body after poisoning it with various junk substances. And then you notice how hard it is to do without sweets or a drink.

But you CAN. You can always ask God for help, join the community where people are struggling with the same challenge. You are not alone. You can only make yourself alone by your choice.

two requests for you

I am aware that many people reading this article my flood me with negative comments, e.g how dare I tell them what to do. You do not need to agree with it and apply the tips presented there. Please close the website when you start to be angry before writing a comment full of hate.

However, I have a request for you: please come back when one of your friends who worked or has eaten too much had a stroke, is now on a wheelchair, or passed away. Then you will understand what I am writing about, because you will have a proof.

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you the problem of eating for comfort from your soul’s and the Universe’s perspective. The truth is not easy to accept and we often fight with our body and everything that warns us, until the worst comes. However, if you have read this article, there is still a chance for you to bring harmony to your life. Good luck.


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