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How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Continued

You have already read how important chakra healing is. My last post described which crystals are appropriate for these seven energetic centres. Today you will learn how to use the crystals to balance chakras.

How To Balance Chakras By crystals

There are some ways of chakra healing by using crystals. I will describe two of the most common techniques here.

Laying On Crystals

Before you begin to balance, rinse your crystals under cold running water. This removes any contaminants and old negative energy gathered around.
These crystals should only be used for balancing your chakras. Do not bring them in your bag or pockets. For beginners, seven crystals, each for one chakra, are enough for balancing. However, I will also describe another method where fifteen crystals have to be used.


Relax and prepare to balance your chakras. Go to a quiet place and then lay on your stomach because then it is easier to apply crystals to your root chakra. You can also choose to lie on your back, but them applying crystals on your root chakra will be uncomfortable. Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly to relax. As you inhale, imagine that you are breathing in a healing white light. As you exhale, imagine that you are breathing out all of your stress and negative emotions. Set the mood with anything else you find relaxing such as music, nature sounds, or the sound of running water.

Clear your mind

Your energy is connected to your thoughts. It is important that you have positive thoughts when you are trying to balance your chakras. Should you struggle, being overloaded with negativity and overthinking, imagine being on vacation, lying on the beach, listening to the sound of the sea. Keep this image with you during all the process of balancing your chakras by crystals.

place crystals on your chakras

Take the crystal that corresponds to your chakra and then place it on that chakra. You can find the whole list of crystals in this article:

How To Balance Chakras By Crystals Part One

Here is an example list of crystals I use:

  • root chakra – rubby
  • sacral chakra – moonstone
  • solar plexus chakra – citrine
  • heart chakra – rose quartz
  • throat chakra – turquise
  • third eye chakra – amethyst
  • crown chakra – clear quartz

Place another quartz crystals around your coloured crystal to intensify the effect. You can use all – the clear, rose and smoky quartz. They activate the energy centres of your body and have the power to modify existing energy. You can place the crystals directly on your skin or on top of your clothes.
Start at the root and work your way up. Place the crown chakra crystal right above your head instead of directly on your head.

focus on healing

After having put all the crystals on your chakras, imagine that the crystal is glowing and spreading throughout your chakra. Allow the crystals to work. Do not do anything extra. Leave them in place between five and ten minutes, and then evaluate how you feel. During these ten minutes, visualise that the healing energy is going through your chakras, starting from red (root chakra) then going through orange (sacral chakra), yellow (solar plexus chakra), green or pink (heart chakra), light blue (throat chakra)e, indigo (brow chakra) and ending on the purple one (crown chakra)

a word of caution

Your symptoms may be worse after you place the crystals on your body. This means that a lot of negative energy is being released at one go and temporarily it causes discomfort. Do not stop the process.


After ten minutes remove the crystals unless you do not feel better and still feel discomfort. Then, leave the crystals on for another five to ten minutes.
Sometimes people have a long-term blockage (e.g. chronic pain or long-term depression). Then it may be advisable to take more than one session to balance your chakra. Focus on making small improvements instead of achieving complete balance in one session.

remove the crystals

After having finished with your session, remove each of the crystals. Start at the crown chakra and work your way down. You do not have to deactivate your crystals. However, if you want to use them again, remember to rinse them.

Placing Crystals On the Body And Around

This is the second method that you can use. You will need:

  • 6 Clear Quartz Stones – Place 4 around your body: 1 above the head, 1 beside left arm, 1 beside right arm and 1 below feet. Hold 1 in each hand.
  • 1 Clear Quartz Stone – Place near the crown of your head (7th Chakra)
  • 1 Amethyst Stone – Place on your forehead (6th Chakra)
  • 1 Sodalite Stone – Place on your throat (5th Chakra)
  • 1 Aventurine Stone – Place over your heart (4th Chakra)
  • 1 Citrine Stone – Place on your abdomen (3rd Chakra)
  • 1 Carnelian Stone – Place over your spleen area (2nd Chakra)
  • 1 Smoky Quartz – Place over your pubic bone (1st Chakra)
  • 2 Hematite Stones – Place one near the sole of each foot

Lie down on your back, relax and place the crystals on your chakras and around your body according to the description above. Clear your mind, relax and let the crystals do the work.

It is a very strong session because the outer pattern of Clear Quartz crystals forms a diamond shape, or two triangles set base to base. This activates the crystal energy by connecting the crystal at the top of your head down to the one by the left hand, then descends to the crystal at your feet, then up to the one in your right hand and finally ascends to join the crystal at the head again. The crystal energy flow will activate the inner pattern of stones on your Chakras and your chakra cleansing will be complete.

Energy Muse

You can lie with your crystals for ten minutes or more if required (check the process for the first method). Then remove them. You can also sleep with thses crystals, but remember to place the ones which are on your chakras next to you, as you will be turning round.

There are some other ways of using crystals for balancing your chakras. many people wear necklaces with the appropriate crystal, others carry a small bag with gemstones.

Credits to WikiHow and Energy Muse

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned how to use crystal for balancing your chakras. There are two methods of doing it: lying on the crystals or having them on and around your body. Whichever method you will choose, they both work efficiently. Good luck.


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