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How To Cure Spiritual Diseases

Everybody knows what a physical disease is. However, have you ever heard about what spiritual diseases are and how you can become infected? Learn how to recognise and cure them.

The Spiritual Dangers

Spiritual life is the lifestyle chosen by more and more individuals. It is a beautiful, but also demanding journey when we are searching for the truth, peace of mind and new, fascinating links with the world which is beyond our sight.

Unfortunately, during the journey, you can catch a spiritual disease. Learn how they are created and what danger they can bring to our spirit.

Searching for inner peace, energy and the best lifestyle, we can see and hear many terms which are in conflict with our spiritual truth. We will meet many beings offering their help while we are walking the Earth, tracking the ways leading to better health. In this way, we broaden our horizons and meet many rules working in this world. However, regardless of our spiritual views, we can become infected with toxic terms, interfering our right way. It can happen whenever you start your spiritual journey or are experienced in this matter.

8 Spiritual Diseases

Spiritual diseases’ face value is often invisible but it is a must to spot them and check all the flaws on the pathway of spiritual growth. Here are the eight most common diseases that can infect our spirit:

1. Fashionable Spirituality

In other words, the spirituality for show. In this case, people put their effort to achieve external, superficial results so that everyone can notice how spiritual they are, instead of searching for inner enlightenment. This kind of individuals wants to act and dress like some spiritual masters on YouTube or TV. Moreover, they also treat spirituality as a business, offering coaching or other sessions, just called “spiritual”.

2. Quick Spiritual Life

This type is called “fast food spirituality”. It happens when individuals follow the lifestyle linked to multitasking, pace and instant satisfaction. It also manifests by unrealistic expectations that positive changes can be achieved quickly and easily. For example, the belief that after aura cleansing you will be able to tackle Tibetan wisdom, forgive and believe that you can create everything.

3. Spiritual Pride

Spiritual pride happens when an individual has achieved a given stage of growth and wisdom during some years of hard work. Then only the current level of spiritual life is applied in his/her life but such a person is not open for new experiences and knowledge, sticking to his/her comfort zone. Spiritual pride also manifests by a subtle feeling of superiority over other individuals who have not achieved his/her level. In this case, spiritual life is treated like a race.

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4. Collective Spiritual Life

In other words, this spiritual disease means a collective mind, describing a group of people who are co-dependent because of a malicious virus. This group forms subtle rules concerning dress code, style of thinking and actions taken. Moreover, the leaders reject any attitudes or opinions of anyone if they are not in accordance with the rules. Hermetic groups based on a kind of training are a good example here (so-called meditation masters who gain certificates on pieces of training and workshops, according to a special line of beliefs and methods.) I will write a post about it shortly.

5. Spiritual Ego

Spiritual ego is another dangerous disease and a big enemy on the way of each of us. The ego becomes identified with human conceptions but it considers them as spiritual. Therefore, an individual creates an egoistic structure, becoming insensitive to help, repelling new information and constantly sticking to the same stage of development holding his/her head high.

6. Mixed Motivation

Even when the urge for spiritual growth is authentic and pure, improper motivations are often mixed with it, which causes a disease in the area of spirituality. For example, if the need to fill in emotional emptiness, being loved or the need to belong to a group is added to the intention of growing, this combination does not work and is not pure anymore. Then it often happens that an individual seeks some negative kinds of spirituality.

7. Finalised Spirituality

It is one of the most dangerous spiritual diseases which you can catch during your journey. It has a devastating impact on our spiritual evolution. This disease manifests when an individual thinks that he/she has finished his/her journey. This person reckons that it is unnecessary to learn and search for new experiences or knowledge. However, the brutal truth is that our spiritual journey never ends and we also constantly refresh the spiritual values already learnt. More about spiritual growth soon on my blog.

8. A group Of Spiritual Masters

There are many trends concerning spirituality all over the world, of which popularity constantly increases thanks to the media, the Internet and free information flow. There are more and more “masters” of meditation, spirituality, coaches and gurus who think that they have enough knowledge to teach other people, often treating spirituality as a business. Their willingness to teach is not a problem, but their poor experience (they have just started, finished a similar training without personal growing) and their attitude to new skills (i.e. that they are absolutely efficient and provide instant growth, peace of mind or gifts.)

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How To Protect

Unfortunately, it is very easy to become infected with spiritual diseases. Sometimes you might not be aware of it because of subtle symptoms. But there is a cure in the world which will restore the right path of your spiritual growth. There are some very strong tools – your feelings and thoughts which can help you:

  • trust,
  • courage,
  • love,
  • acceptance,
  • forgiveness,
  • joy,
  • serenity,
  • enlightment.

These attitudes describing attributes of strong life, the divine life. Our awareness has an enormous influence on our bodies. Sometimes thoughts and feelings strengthen us while others disempower. The transformation process which we are going through includes choices, reflection and thoughts. Hence, conscious choices are one of the remedies for spiritual diseases.

Spend some time on reflection and analysis of your life and in this way, induce spiritual healing. Practise the skill of making choices, your readiness for experiencing transformation. These are excellent vaccines for spiritual diseases.

Everyone who has gone personal transformation knows that it takes time to grow spiritually. Therefore, if you ate at the beginning of your journey, beware of all who want to harm and be vigilant, observing your ego, so susceptible to negative influences and spiritual diseases.

In A Nutshell

Today you have learnt which spiritual diseases are dangerous and how to cope with them. You can become infected by the influence of a group, modern trends or your ego. Use the values of Light (i.e. acceptance, forgiveness, love, courage, serenity, joy, enlightenment) plus the awareness to become cured and vaccinated. Practise making choices and adjust to the transformation that is taking place now. Good luck.


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