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How To “Enjoy” Shorter Life – Holistic Approach

Nearly every person I meet asks me “How to enjoy a longer life?” I admit that it is a hard question to answer. Nevertheless, I have decided to give you some tips on longevity. But first, let’s learn what shortens your life.

The Spiritual And Physical Aspect Of Life

Before I tell you how to live longer, be aware that the length of your life depends on some factors. First, which is obvious, your nutrition, sleep and other forms of treating your physical body. Secondly, the length of your life depends on your motions. And thirdly, but not least importantly, it depends on your thoughts, beliefs and all the energy affecting your aura.

How To Shorten Your Life

Paradoxically, I will start writing first about the ways in which you shorten your life, bringing the date of your death closer to you. The reason for this is that knowing what is harmful, you start working on it and in this way, at least stop the negative process. Later you will learn what to do to live longer.

When we come to the earth, there is no date of termination set for us. All depends firstly on your carers and then, when you are an adult, on your own choices. Of course, sometimes the soul chooses a very short lifespan or sacrifices his or her life for a greater purpose. However, I am writing about the life of an average human being.

Your life does not depend on reincarnation, i.e. your past carnations unless you have decided so before coming to the Earth. However, the fears remaining from your past lives or karmic issues may have an impact on the length of your life now. But even then you have the strength to change the process, enjoying longevity. Now let’s come to the point, i.e. what shortens your lifespan.

how to enjoy shorter life

Lack Of Self-Love

When you do not love yourself, it simply means rejection of life. The viral energy runs away, illnesses come instead and your the day of your death approaches closer. Lack o self-love can mean anything that harms your health on any of the levels: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Now learn how you manifest lack of self-love, self-respect and self-care.

Physical Harm

  • lack of sleep,
  • toxic nutrition – wheat, sugar, casein, eating too much and in the wrong way (more information in my articles soon), combining carbs with proteins,
  • alcohol, drugs, smoking,
  • improper posture, lack of exercise,
  • constant stress.

Mental Harm

  • worry,
  • self-criticism,
  • beating up yourself,
  • self-stinging,
  • ruminating on the past traumas, wounds, stings etc,
  • anxiety,
  • all kinds of negative thoughts and beliefs about not loving yourself, unworthiness, not deserving good things in life

Emotional Harm

  • anger and hate,
  • jealousy and envy,
  • shame,
  • guilt,
  • resent,
  • bitter regrets,
  • constant complaining,
  • other negative emotions, not mentioned above.

Spiritual Harm

  • actually wanting to die, self-harming thoughts,
  • deliberate cooperation with the darkness, pledge,
  • being the member of religious sects,
  • others.

Specific Cases How We Shorten Our Lifespans

Now I will give you examples of particular ailments and diseases:

  • rejection syndrome – backache, digestive problems and pains (e.g. IBS), thyroid gland disease.
  • stroke – your mind is deprogrammed,
  • heart attack – your heart cannot stand a lack of self-love, self-loathing, autodestruction,
  • worry deprograms all the body, leads to cancer,
  • bitter regrets cause heart diseases, lack of self-confidence,
  • hate (self-loathing and directed to others – venom spitting, swearing, destructive criticising, mocking), lack respect for other beings and hidden anger lead to liver problems, gallbladder stones,
  • ruminating the past traumas, wounds etc. causes heart, back and muscle diseases,
  • keeping secrets (cheating on a partner, a bribe, a theft) not telling the truth – your liver and pancreas suffer, lung, throat, teeth, gums, thyroid gland diseases
  • lack of accepting your sex – breast, prostate and genitals cancer,
  • giving up, sadness, pressure by sth/sb enslavement cause skin problems, muscle, back and heart diseases,
  • hexes, bad spells and maldedication create tumours (breast, brain, prostate, pancreas, colon, stomach, any other organ – cancer; kidney and liver – stones)because this kind of energy cannot be bounced off,
  • the rat race and comparing with others lead to kidney and liver problems.

Read more about what causes our diseases:

The topic of longevity is very broad and I cannot put everything in one article. My next post will show you how to enjoy longevity on your four dimensions: body, soul, mind and heart. Hence, stay tuned to this website and in a couple of days’ time, you will read more tips.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt what shortens your life in case of your body, soul, mind and heart. I have also given you particular cases what happens when you spread negativity. Study the list carefully and stop doing the harmful things to yourself.


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