11 Tips On How To Make Good Decisions. In Spiritual Life

Making decisions is a difficult play. You usually face many fears and doubts if you have made the best choice. Learn how to make decisions in an effective and holistic way.

Make Good Decisions

Decisions are often a difficult moment for each human being because we can have freedom of choice, but at the same time, we do not know the consequences that these decisions will bring. We might be paralysed with the opportunity to choose which can become a must because sitting on the fence will become so inconvenient that it hurts more than making a decision.

The Spiritual Approach To Making Decisions

We are living on the planet of choice. There is always an option to choose right or evil, black and white, light and darkness. We make decisions concerning our physical, etheric, mental, emotional and spiritual life.

Some mystic traditions say that when you do not have defined the pathway of your soul, the feeling of choice emerges. When your soul knows his or her pathway, then it is not necessary to feel the pressure to make decisions, it is enough to follow your soul’s path. You feel the flow and react to any flaws with calmness and without much rumination. It is also unnecessary to seek clues and weighting the for and against arguments.

You feel the pressure to make decisions only in the case of not being sure which pathway to choose and then you start searching the pluses and minuses of a given situation.

How To Make Good Decisions

Hence, if you feel as being on the crossroads and your soul does not give you any tips on what to do and he or she is not drawn to any direction, use the tips described below.

1. Find a Sign

Ask the Universe for a sign and then sharpen your senses for all the signals. You can use the quantum questions from my blog. When you feel that the Univers tells you “Hey, choose the pathway c! Necessarily! You will see it will be super!” you will feel the Universe’s care and surer of your decision yourself. Waiting for the signs form the Universe may take some time, e.g. hours, weeks and even years, but it is worth your while.

2. Blame the Destiny

If you cannot make a decision and toss, let the issue go, stop working on it and let the Universe work. Get busy with something else, letting your superconscious mind to work. If you start feeling that a given issue means being up the creek without the paddle, dump it totally or at least modify the goal or postpone it.

3. Ask Yourself

Meditate in calmness and see what comes up in your head when you are thinking about your decision. You will find the answer sent from the deepest of your soul.

make decision

4. Sleep With It

Write down your doubts and possible options on a piece of paper before going to bed. You might find the answer while dreaming and the next day you will have some feelings or conclusions concerning the issue that bothers you. It happens because your self has been working very hard for some hours.

5. The Rule Of First Thought

Ask the question concerning your issue to yourself. Then record what is your first thought, before you start analysing the results and making conclusions. Each first thought is this good thought, still undisturbed by your ego and its experiences. It is a kind of intuition, flash the first whisper of your soul. Therefore, your first thought is a kind of guide.

6. Rational Decisions

If your soul does not talk and the Universe does not indicate with a finger what to choose, consider all pros and cons to make a rational decision. The decision tree written on the piece of paper is the best solution here. Write down the pros and cons of each way you could choose and maybe then the flash of your intuition will appear. One clue: it is important to live in the light while making a decision. Otherwise, you will face bad karma later.

7. Delegate Responsibility

I do not mean delegating the problem to other people. You are still responsible for your decision. However, you can use some tools which will help you to pick up the best option. Use cards or a coin to find the answer because fortuity does not exist. Analysing the symbols which will be liable for your decision now will exfoliate your inner needs. You will learn the things which are not named yet. Thanks to the draw your soul can be heard at last.

8. Listen To And Rely On Your Feelings

As I wrote earlier, the feeling of lightness, peace of mind indicates that your decision is in accordance with your soul path and you have chosen the right option. The same case is when you feel ecstasy while thinking of a given way, or wonderful thrill and inner voice which is jumping from joy. All these signs show that your soul is happy with the new journey.

9. Any Choice Made Will be Good For You

It happens ecause otherwise, this solution would not come up on your way. Nothing is a mistake, every experience is beneficial and necessary. Treat your decision as another experience which is neither good nor bad. It is just another lesson which may bring many worthy reflections and clues which you can use in your further life. Whatever you will choose now it will be right and good for you at this particular moment.

10. The 10/10 Rule

Ask yourself a question: Will I regret this decision in ten minutes’ time? Will I regret it in ten months’ time? Will I think about it with embarrassment in ten years’ time? If you are not paralysed by these questions and can give an answer easily and they are negative, the time has come to take action and make the decision. Otherwise, you WILL regret that you have not taken action.

11. The 10 Plus One Rule. The Worst

Ask yourself another question in the case of doubt:

What is the worst scenario that might happen when I make this decision?

You see, usually, 90% of your worries will not happen, the next 8% will be solved easily and the last 2% may need the help of other people. The question is how probable it is 2%? 2 cases for 100? 20 for 1000? Not much as you see. And what is more, knowing the worst scenario you can take steps to minimise the chance that it happens and its consequence for you, e.g. saving some money, buying an insurance etc.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned some tools which will help you to make the best decisions in your life. You can ask your soul, use a coin throw or pick up a card, sleep with this dilemma and use the 10/10 or 10 + 1 rules. Good luck with making the best decisions in your life.


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