How To Make the Matrix Your Friend

We all complain about the system, the Matrix and its negative consequences for our lives. However, have you ever considered making friends with and use it to your advantage? Learn how to do it today.

What Is the Matrix

The Matrix is based on a philosophical question posed by the 17th Century French philosopher and mathematician Rene Descartes. One of Descartes’s most important theses was intellectual autonomy, or the ability to think for oneself. For Descartes, this entails not just having a “good mind”, but also “applying it well”.


In other words, freedom fro the Matrix means independent thinking. However, today the world is full of evidence which means killing this right. Look at the mass-media commercials and carefully chosen pieces of information, serving the current system. What are you being taught at schools, churches? Thinking according to the system.

Making the Matrix Your Friend

You might think that this article is another piece of conspiracy theories, where the Matrix is to destroy us only. That is wrong. Even if some elements of the Matrix might create negativity, do not remember that he Darkness also has to have a place to evolve. It is a spiritual rule.

The Hidden Truth About Fighting

In the dual world on our planet, we often seek enemies and the system can be easily picked up. However, what do you gain by fighting? Maybe sometimes a victory, sometimes a loss. But remember, fighting means that you are always at danger, at the risk of being attacked.

When you fight, it is spread to all the areas of life – your family, work, health and even fun. We even have the fight-and-flight hormones. Creating the battlefield, you find your enemies and while fighting, risk a defeat ore even death. Who fights with the sword often dies from the sword. And it is not necessarily physical death. Your money, health or relationships may also be killed.

Moreover, after the battle there are often casualties, the victims of the violence. Fighting always involves some kind of violence. After the battle, even won by you, there is always pain and destruction. Look what happens during the war – destroyed lands, After a row, where people hurt each other, when there is the war for the power – emotional and sumetimes physical hurts. Is it worth trouble?

Is Fighting With the Matrix Worth Trouble?

Thgere is a brutal truth about fighting:

You can create a battlefield, but when you go to war, do not be surprised that the enemy will shoot at you and even if you win there will also be innocent casualties. Even if your fight is for the right fight, there is still a bloody battlefield.

Isn’t it better to live in peace with the system? I do not mean blind acceptance of all what it imposes on us. But you can make the most of it and do your best to transform it. The current system has to evolve and change, but not by fighting and doom.

What About Telling the Truth?

The Matrix assumes that the only truth is in its ideology. Therefore, all the individuals that see it differently, are treated as enemies. Some facts are deliberately hidden by the system so that people do not think, are unaware of alternative, e.g. healing.

The system may treat you as an enemy, but then the Matrix enters the battlefield and bears all the consequences of fighting. And often, it is the fight with the truth, with the Light. You only defend or show that peace is a better way of existence.

Do not be afraid when the Matrix attacks you because of awareness and independent thinking. They will face the consequences, not you. Do not forget that now Mother Earth is helping people to wake up and transform the planet with its system, doing it by climatic changes and raising vibrations so that the beings who cannot adapt to the new conditions, pass away.

Look what happens in business. Companies negotiate to find a solution in the case of conflict. The same can be achieved in terms of Matrix. In business, the other company is treated as a partner, you even negotiate with your competition. Creating a partnership, you can also make the most of the other business.

How To Make the System Your Friend

In the shortest – do everything from the perspective of peace, starting from your thinking. Dump the idea of ” the Matrix=enemy”. Instead, treat each being with respect, including animals and plants.

Staying in the values of light may not totally protect you from attacks from the darkness, but even if you become the casualty in their battle, you will win. Look what happens when you ignore teasing and insults. Of course, you can be assertive, but do not constantly focus on the attacker. Instead of fighting, lighten them up by the light inside you.

You cannot be responsible for all the system. To change it, attract other individuals to unite with you, even if it will be a small number at first. Do not be afraid to sacrifice even your life in the case the Matrix starts fighting with you. Use your inner power to emanate with the light and peace.

The Matrix Is In Your Hands

You choose peace or war. To change the system, start from changing yourself, being generous, telling the truth, practising acceptance, forgiveness, understanding, gratitude. Every day you decide what to pick up from your mind: war or peace, love or hate and fear. Stop fighting with bad luck or misfortune, they have their purpose. The Matrix only shows your inner world, the brutal truth about your reality.

Smile to your reality, starting from your own place. The truth shows what has to be change. Positive energy is the energy of peace which has all values of the Light, e.g. patience, acceptance or gratitude.

The Matrix is the space which helps you to make your dreams true and it creates your life so that they can become your reality. The system gives you tools to fulfil your dreams and you are the carrier of them.

You need to learn how to create peace and live in peace. My next post will give you the answer and show how to do live in peace in practice. Therefore, stay tuned to my website.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about the Matrix, what it is and if it is really your enemy. You also know the consequences of fighting and if it is worth trouble. Good luck with making the Matrix your friend.


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