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How To Make the Most of the New Moon Day

In January I have written three articles about the Moon. One of them explained how to make the most of the Full Moon day. Today you will read how to make the most of the New Moon Day which will be in two days’ time.

What Is the New Moon Day

It is the calendar day during which the Moon is 0% illuminated at some point.

In astronomy, the new moon is the first lunar phase, when the Moon and Sun have the same ecliptic longitude. At this phase, the lunar disk is not visible to the unaided eye, except when silhouetted during a solar eclipse. Daylight outshines the earthlight that dimly illuminates the new moon. 


Auspicious Activities On the New Moon Day

As in case of the Full Moon Day, during the New Moon Day, some things are appropriate to do and some had better avoid. Here are the things which are auspicious.

Make Your Own Ritual

Make it simple and according to your personal needs as we all are different. Making your own ritual is simply creating a set of practices or habits that you commit to doing during every new moon. You can choose from meditating, doing a yoga class, or writing a list. Other activities include making a crystal grid, taking a cleansing bath, and smudging your entire apartment. Whatever it is, make sure it incorporates taking a pause around each month’s new moon to reflect and plant a few seeds of intention. Taking consistent pauses helps to avoid venturing too far down a path that’s not in tune with your heart. Use the new moon as a reminder to stop, access, and maneuver to your dreams.

Light A Candle

Lighting a candle on the darkest night of the month signifies our desire to bring just a little more light into our lives. Ask the universe to shine light into your life on this new moon and all the ones that follow it. Next, allow your candle to burn out on its own. You can also charge your candle with an intention you wish to manifest during this moon cycle. Hold the candle, summon feelings of gratitude and love, and ask the universe for what it is you want to pull to you. Light the candle and allow it burn out on its own.

Set A Worthwhile Intention

Every month we are so fortunate to be given an extra boost of intention setting energy with the new moon. Take advantage of this day and focus on one or two intentions that you are passionate about. Make your intentions that are clear, concise, and as specific as you can. An example of this is: “find a new man who brings me passion love and care greater than now.” This intention is clear and specific. It shows the universe that you value passion, love and care.

Start Something New

The new moon is the most fertile day of the moon phase cycle each month. It is the perfect time for initiating any new action. Start that new class, apply for that job; ask him or her out on a date. Start anything and everything you feel passionate about. Sometimes you cannot start a given acticity or do a thing on the new Moon day, then do it on the day after, never before this phase.

Make A List

The next step is to make a whole list of all the details you wish the universe to consider when bringing you your heart’s desire. Say your intention was to find a new ma? How will he look like? What character features will he have? How about his hobbies, interests? Make it as detailed as you can.

Create a Sacred Space

The new moon is the optimal time for setting a sacred space in your home to make your own magic. Clean and cleanse the energy of a place where you want to do your manifestation, meditation, self-reflection. You can even set up an altar. Make sure after you have set it up, you keep it clean and tidy throughout the month, no bad vibes over there. Do not forget to spend a bit of time with your affirmations and intentions there as well.

What To Avoid During the New Moon Day

Now I will write about some things that should be avoided during that day at any sake.

Quit Something You Care About

New Moon time is about creating. Of course, sometimes you must let go of habits, people, and situations that no longer suit your highest good. However, deciding to give up on anything you truly care about on a new moon is a waste of energy. Instead, adjust your approach by assessing what is not working and compare it to what is working.

Avoid Meeting New People

New moons are notorious for bringing people into your life. These newcomers often bring you lessons our soul craves. Do not miss out on these. When you encounter someone different or outside of your usual type during a new moon, be open and curious.

Say No To Unexpected Invites

Speaking of meeting new people, the New Moon Day is a great time to go out. Say yes to any random invites that come your way. How else would you meet new faces? Do your best to avoid saying no when a good friend invited you to something random and out of the blue when it is on the New Moon day.

Spend Time with Energy Drains

This is always a no-no, but cannot always be avoided. However, do your best to sham energy drains which comes from negative places, things and people. You want as much positive and creative energy as you can muster so that you set intentions that are vibrationally high. Never let others kill your vibe, especially on the New Moon Day.

In a Nutshell

Today you have read about the auspicious and inauspicious activities during the new Moon Day. Generally speaking, start new things, meet new people and plant new intention. However, avoid energy drainage and quitting something you care about.


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