How To Program Crystals For Dummies

Last month I published some posts about using crystals for chakra balancing. For the best result, they need to be cleansed and recharged regularly. However, not many people know how to program crystals.

How To Program Crystals

Reiki is probably the most common way of programming crystals. Hold the crystal in your left hand and draw the symbols over it using your fire finger (middle finger) on your right hand. You can repeat this process as often as you feel it is necessary. In the case, you wish to program a large number of crystals at once, place them on a clean white cloth or sheet and draw the symbols over the entire group.

Apart from Reiki you can use other ways for programming and dedicating your crystals. I will describe them below.

Know the Difference Between Programming And Dedicating

Any crystal (or piece of gemstone jewellery) can be dedicated to a person, project or situation. However, only Clear Quartz is truly programmable because of having six inherent, main properties, appealing to energy:

  • It can structure it,
  • It can store it,
  • It can amplify it,
  • It can focus it,
  • It can transmit it,
  • It can transform it on every level (subtle and physical.)

Clear Quartz is the chameleon of the crystal world. It is also known as one of our best crystal healing tools. For example, if you placed a piece of Clear Quartz on an Amethyst bed, it would take on the additional subtle energy properties of Amethyst. These properties include above all:

  • promoting psychic ability,
  • dispelling negativity,
  • guarding against nightmares.

Without actual programming, this change would be temporary, yet possible with Clear Quartz which absorbs energy and therefore takes on programming.

Programming Crystals

The process is simple. Just have pure thoughts and good, self-less intentions and then the crystal’s Deva or guardian will respond and grant your request for programming. You cannot program a crystal for anything other than self-less, pure intentions.

For example, you will never program a crystal to help you pick winning lottery numbers because it means that you are not already abundant in spirit, therefore, in essence, it is a low-vibration, fear-based request. This kind of asking implies lack of trust in the spiritual process.

Before programming a crystal it must be thoroughly cleansed and charged, perhaps using one of the methods I listed in the posts published some time ago.

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Next, choose a quiet place to sit and turn on some peaceful music plus use some incense. Sound and scent are positive, subtle vibrations. Hold the crystal gently in your right hand; placing your left hand under the right.

Then, close your eyes and meditate on the crystal. Begin to feel its energies merging with your own. When you are ready, make your request for programming. For example, you may say:

‘I ask this crystal to be programmed as a healing tool for sacred, space clearing. I respect and thank the crystal Deva for granting this request.’

In case of a group crystal programming, stand together in a circle with the crystal in the centre and hold your right hands up at a slight angle, palm facing towards the crystal.

We ask this crystal to be programmed for the healing work undertaken by this group. We ask that the energies absorb and focus our combined, highest vibrations and purest intentions. We respect and thank the crystal Deva for granting our request.’

Cleansing Dedicated Crystals

The good news is that you do not need to dedicate or re-program your crystal after every cleansing. However, when you feel your programmed crystal needs cleansing, you can ask the Universe to remove only the negative or low vibrations and to keep the integrity and intent of the programming intact.

It is especially useful in the case of having a particular crystal dedicated to group work. When programmed, it can contain all of the energy of the group, and when is cleansed, only any low vibrations which may have been absorbed will be dissolved, whilst all of the positive energy of the group dynamic will remain.


You can re-program your crystal for something else once it has already been programmed. Just perform thorough cleansing of the crystal, so that you can remove all previous programming. Let the crystal recharge for a few days before re-programming it for another purpose, preferably in the sunlight or the moonlight.

Pay special attention to Quartz. You can place it on a windowsill for 24 hours so that it can absorb balanced energy from both sun- and moonlight.

Placing a crystal on the ground is another good method, especially when it is placed on the grass or in a window box if you do not have access to a garden. The earth can safely absorb and discharge negative vibrations with ease, whilst reconnecting the crystal to its source. However, take care if you have children or animals not to swallow or choke with the crystals!

After cleansing your crystals you re-program them according to the steps described above in the paragraph “Programming Crystals”

In a Nutshell

Today I have presented you a simple method of programming your crystals. However, before starting the process, be sure they are cleaned and that your intention is selfless. You can program crystals individually or as a group. You can also re-program your crystals later.


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