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How To Protect From Low Vibrations

We are all energy, no matter if we want it or not. Meeting other people faces us to various kinds of vibrations, not necessarily auspicious. Much more often we are attacked by the negative ones. How to protect from it?

How To Protect From Low Vibrations

You may ask me: “Should I never meet these people?” or “Is avoidance the only way of protection?” I can assure that not and shortly you will learn why.

When you are empathetic and aware of spiritual growth, you can sense the kind of vibration just entering somewhere. You can recognise if someone is sad, even while smiling, aggression masked with poise,. You discover fear in people who are prone to start fights and argue.

Unfortunately, sometimes you can take the vibrations of other people as yours or just take them to yourself. Then suddenly you start feeling sad, angry or afraid of something, not knowing why.

Before I describe the ways how to protect from low vibrations, remember one truth:


Understand the Reason of Negative Vibrations

When you meet someone with low vibrations, there are more than one reason for that. They may feel uncomfortable at your presence, which can be the result of negative interactions in the past lives. They may feel ill, take medications which lower vibrations (e.g. chemotherapy).

However, there is another reason for feeling low vibrations. You might have them yourself and other people are just mirrors, showing you lack of forgiveness, self-love, too harsh self-criticism and some other kinds of low vibrations.

You can feel resistance being around a given person and unwillingness to accept him or her at the present as they are. It does not mean blind liking negative traits or loving this person. Yet if you feel resistance, the problem lies in your head. Then you need to control your thinking and change negative beliefs. Instead of an automatic reaction, you seek a solution.

Therefore, the next time you feel uncomfortable around someone who in fact, has not done you anything, ask yourself some questions:

  • Do I feel uncomfortable around this person or around people in general?
  • Do I feel resistance to accept this person?
  • What are my fears and insecurities?

Clear Your Aura

When you are not sure if negative vibrations come from yourself, cleanse your aura. You must not go to bed in that state. You can smudge yourself with white sage, take a bath in the sea salt or listen to the music clearing negative vibration. More ways are described here:


Ask For Clues

If you are growing spiritually, you can ask angels or other extraterrestrial beings for help. For example, before going to bed, after cleansing your aura, ass your Guardian Angel or just God to give you a clue in your dreams. Write down your dreams. However, the clue may come in the most unexpected moment as an event, a person, a book. Have your eyes and ears wide open then.

Emergency Protection

You can notice that sometimes when you are around some people, your energy level drops rapidly. Your vibrations may be also affected. Then you need to use protection in emergency situation so that you will not lose even more precious energy.

Imagine that a ball of white divine light surrounds you and that all the positive beings from the Universe come to protect you, especially angels, Jesus or Mary. Instead of white, you can also visualise purple light.

You can add something else, mirrors and say:


In this way, your aura will be protected and the wrongdoer will need to reap the crops of sown negativity. We usually transform negative energy into light, but sometimes the being sending it has to feel the consequences immediately.

Other Ways Of Protection

If you have more time or before any dealing with many energies, put protective layers on your aura. They are like an outfit tightly clinging to you. The first is green. This layer protects and heals your aura. Then you put a white layer which protects you physically. The third layer is blue. It protects you from astral negativity. The last layer is purple and it protects you from emotional harm plus distracts negativity.

You can also visualise a big brown cross, separating you from negative beings. Brown colour enables negativity to be disposed to Mother Earth.

Take Care of Your Vibrations

Keep them as high as possible. Avoid negative people and places, negative thinking and speaking. Do no harm to other beings. When negativity surfaces, neutralise it immediately. Check this article for more details.

Having high vibrations and energy level, you have a relaxed body and a calm mind. Joy and serenity is filling you from inside out. Then you are not an easy target for negative beings and their low vibrations. Only if you yourself do something negative, then the low vibes start influencing your aura.

As I wrote earlier, avoid negative people or places. Shopping centres, bars, nightclubs are the examples. Sometimes it is hard to because the negative people are the members of your family, your co-workers or friends. If possible, cut contact with them or at least limit it as much as possible.

In a Nutshell

Today you could read about how to protect from low vibrations and negative people. The main things that you can do are: cleansing your aura, using protective layers and maintaining high vibrations all the time.


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