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How To Protect From Negative Thought Forms

Thought forms, if negative, are very dangerous to your body, mind and soul. You have already learnt some basics from my recent post. However, not all people know how to protect from unwanted thought forms. Today I will show you how.

Thought Forms Attract Similar Ones

Positive thought forms of one person attract positive ones from other people. The same applies to negative thought patterns. It is especially visible when we are in the crowd, or even in a big group of people. They create collective group minds so-called egregores, easily controlling single individuals. That’s why you often abandon your rules when the group behave differently (e.g you are eating unhealthy because of the group while having different principles about food.)

Combined thought forms can be so strong that they exist for years and it takes lots of time to remove them from aura and subtleties.

How They Influence People

The thought forms created by us have enormous strength which can have a beneficial or harmful impact on the owner, but also other people and animals. When you think about someone with love, friendship or anger, the recipient of your message receives this thought form and it is hooked to their aura. This individual becomes infected with the same energy, becoming loving, friendly or angry.

However, if the message recipient has different, higher vibrations, this thought form bounces off them and returns to the sender multiplied by all other collected thought forms. The coming back thoughts ruin the sender’s physical health, causing mental illnesses if the intention was of low vibrations (e.g. revenge.)

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How We Infect And Are Infected

There is no other way to get shot of thought forms as stopping thinking in a negative way. Then as flies without food, these thought forms fly away. It is important because sometimes a thought form does not reach you. However, it is always waiting for the right moment to hook off again.

Knowing this mechanism, it is easier to transform your thinking and thus, induce growth. Don’t be tempted with the negative way which has an impact on other beings. Ultimately, you will suffer and it will be painful.

It happens because it takes time to send someone a negative thought form. First, you have to create it yourself, often in a hard way. And even if this thought form reaches the recipient your efforts can be useless. If they have higher vibrations, the “hungry” thought form comes back to you and strengthens.

Your negative thought forms resemble a starving dog being chewed which will not attack the person separated by the wall, but the dog’s owner.

How To Protect From Negative Thought Forms

As I wrote above, the best method means stopping from any negative thinking. But that is a minimum. You also need to take care of your vibrations – by listening to the right kind of music, reading the uplifting literature and watching positive movies.

Think about helping others, care and protection with strong emotions. These thoughts protect you from negative thought forms, becoming your aura shield. They also reach other beings easier because of containing warm, soft energies which even if pushed away by the stone-liked hearts, come back empowering the sender. So always wish other people well, you will never lose here.

Let’s protect each other. You can pray for your loved ones, kins, core friends, stretching your care over them. Wishing someone well, you wish yourself well. However, if you curse someone, you curse yourself.

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In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how thought forms influence your life. This article also shows how you can be infected with the negative thought patterns and how to protect from them. The most important thing is to keep high vibrations at all times and eliminate any negative thoughts that may emerge. Good luck.


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