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How To Recharge With the Energy of Mother Earth

Some time ago I wrote a post about Mother Earth on my blog. Many readers asked me how to charge with her energy. Today I will give you some examples.

Why Do We Need To Recharge Our Energy

You may ask: “Why do I need to recharge my energy? I can sleep, drink tea, do some exercises.” You are absolutely right. But if you read my last post about what weakens your aura, you will understand that we need to be connected with the Earth.

Sleep or healthy food will recharge your physical, emotional or mental part of your aura. However, in the case of spirit, you need a connection with Mother Earth and the Source. Meditation may help, but without the physical access to the magnetic field of our planet and the four forces (the Sun, wind, earth and water) your energy will not last for long.

How To Recharge With Mother Earth’s Energy

Before you learn how to recharge your energy using particular natural force, let’s learn what are their properties:

  • water – deep cleansing of your body and mind,
  • wind – sudden changes, rapid cleansing,
  • sun – the energy of life, vitality
  • earth and trees – grounding, finding your roots, recharging you with the magnetic field of the Earth.

Walking the Earth

I already mentioned how walking barefoot is so beneficial. Now let’s recharge doing it. While walking barefoot on the beach or grass, visualise that nature charges your chakras and strengthens your aura. Say the following prayer:

May all that does not serve and is harmful to me, that impairs my health and happiness – be sucked by our beloved Mother Earth and dissolved by the Divine Light. And may all that brings the energies of happiness, health, love and abundance comes out from the earth and may it fill me with these energies.

Cuddling the Trees

Cuddling a tree is an excellent way to recharge your energy and ground. Go to a forest and choose some kinds which can even help you to cure some health problems. The trees which are the most beneficial comprise:

Cuddle the tree and say,

My dear Being, please, take away all that does not serve me and harms me and transform it into the Light. May the energy of which enlightens me, flow into my body, mind, heart and soul. May this energy heal my body, fill me with happiness, abundance. May all that does not serve me and is harmful to me is liberated to the Light and all that servs me comes to me right now.


Recharging With the Sun

I do not recommend direct looking at the Sum more than ten minutes after the sunrise or before the sunset. At other times of the day, close your eyes and recharge your physical, emotional mental and spiritual batteries.

Visualise the purple light radiating from the Sun and burning all the negativity from you, cleansing your aura, chakras, mind, heart and physical body. Say these words,

May all that has been brought to my health and happiness fill in my body, soul, heart and mind.

Working With the Wind

You can use a similar procedure with the wind. During windy days, visualise the wind like a brush, removing negative entities from your body, mind, heart and soul. Also, visualise the wind in a given colour, white or purple most often. However, sometimes it can be green (healing) or blue (physical detox) or as a rainbow.

Charging with the wind is a great method for removing thought forms, astral larvae, hook-ups and hexes. Just have an intention in mind and believe that the cleansing will take place. You can say,

May the energy of wind remove all negativity from my subtleties and bring me prosperity, health, love and happiness.

Recharging With Water

There are many opportunities to charge your energy and ground by using water. Just let me mention some of them:

  • having a bath in sea salt,
  • having a shower,
  • swimming in the sea, lake or river,
  • being exposed to the rain.

Again, have an intention in mind. Visualise that the water is cleansing your body, mind, heart and soul, filling up your body inside or flushing negative beings from your aura.

Feel like the river takes away your negative energy or the shower flushes it down. Stay under the shower or in the river/sea as long as you feel that endorphins fill in your mind and body. You can also say,

May this water remove everything that does not serve me and is harmful to me: hook-ups, negative beings, thought forms. May it bring me joy, peace, happiness, health, love and abundance.

Do not be afraid of walking in the rain when it is warm and there is no thunderstorm. The energy of water will cleanse you efficiently.

You can combine all the ways of grounding and recharging your energy. The beech or the place by the lake/river is best because you can walk barefoot, feel the wind and the sun plus stay in the water. In some cases, you can even cuddle to a tree.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to recharge your energy and ground using the four forces of nature. You can cuddle a tree, walk barefoot, stay in the sunshine or the wind and use water as the cleanser. Good luck with recharging your batteries and making the most of Mother Earth’s gifts.


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