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How To Remove Bad Energy From Your House

You know this… the floor is creaking while no one is walking. There is strange, bad energy around the mirror. In another room, whoever comes into it, they start arguing. These are examples of bad energy in the house. Learn how to cleanse it for good.

Check the Symptoms Of Bad Energy Existence

Before you start using any kind of remedy, check the symptoms, what in particular causes that bad energy may be in your house. Here are some examples:

  • suffocating during sleep,
  • strange voices,
  • constant misfunction of your electronic equipment,
  • all the plants brought to your house fade,
  • anything that causes discomfort and negativity
  • a place where people cannot live in harmony

How To Cleanse Your House From Bad Energy

Before you even start to tackle the spiritual aspect of cleansing your house, look at the material side. And it simply means thorough cleaning.

Cleaning the House

However, it is not just ordinary cleaning. Each activity is dedicated to cleansing bad energy at the same time. Our effort is the energy invested and directed for a given goal. It is also the mapping of reality.

Imagine that the house and the mess inside represent your world and your life. If you clean it as excellent as you can, your world and life will also regain cleanliness and order. This is a contract and it affects your subconsciousness significantly. Then everything will be done smoothly.

Learn what can be the clutter in your house:

A Word Of Caution

After you have cleaned your house, putting away your mop, detergents or baking soda (if you avoid chemical detergents), AIR your flat or house. Next, tightly close the doors and windows. Wash your hands and take white sage. Smudge first yourself, from bottom to top, to protect yourself saying,


It is also advisable to have a protective pendant, e.g. with the Guardian Angel or the Pentacle. It will strengthen the effect of smudging your aura. You can also use crystal pendants, with onyx or black tourmaline.

Never Be Afraid

When you start cleaning your house, never be afraid of the energies that will be removed. Fear makes the energy stronger than you. And it is not allowed, you need to have the highest power, together with Angels, Jesus and other powerful Beings of the Light. They will help you to go through the process safely and smoothly.

How To Remove Bad Energy

White sage sweeps out low vibrations and low bad energies, protecting the aura of yourself and your house. I will also describe you other useful techniques.

White Sage In Two Ways

After you have protected yourself by smudging, then smudge each room of your flat or house. There are two ways doing that: clockwise and against the clock


All the energies are kicked out from your house, good and bad. In this way, you create an energetic vacuum which has to be filled up with what you want instantly. Otherwise, the unwanted energies will come back. Do not forget to invite Angels by playing, e.g. their music or lighting white candles. More advanced practitioners can use angelic cards and magic rituals. After cleansing and sending new intentions remember to air the house thoroughly.

Against the Clock

In this case, you smudge each room and the house against the clock. Then the sage restores the energy according to Mother Earth pattern and Her Ancient Power. No low vibrations can exist in such a place. You can, but do not have to, invite other energies, e.g. of the Angels.

Burning Palo Santo

Palo Santo is a holy tree of the solar, masculine energy. While burning it, the gold energy of the Sun will strengthen the positivity of your house. You can prolonge the protection by white sage by sprinkling some salt in each corner of your house, including its threshold.

Incognito Method – Candles

Burn some candles from bee wax to calm down energies and cleanse the house from bad energies. You can do it when smudging is not possible because of e.g. lack of time or when at work, around other people.

Sound To Remove Bad Energy

You can also cleanse your space by using the sound of a pitchfork, bowls or gongs. In the case you cannot invite the sound master, playing these instruments, to your house, use the Internet recordings. Here is an example:

Hiring the Spiritual Professional

Sometimes you are facing a very serious case, where your energy can be too weak to cleanse the space. Then call the professionalist. Typical cases:

  • demons,
  • strange souls, wandering in the universe and hooked up to your aura or space,
  • portals,
  • heavy energies, causing paranormal phenomena.

Then you need to ask a professionalist. There are many of them on the Internat, but check their references as the issue is serious.

Cleansing Mirrors

It is a separate, very important issue and usually, it concerns the old mirrors, inherited after grandmothers or bought on the flea market. These mirrors have got their own life, can be portals to other dimensions or keep the secrets of the families living in the previous house. If you have a higher perception, you can notice it in the mirror.

How To Cleanse the Mirror

Mirrors are associated with Water and the Moon, use water then, especially with added salt. Wash the mirror with round movements, clockwise. Start from the outside and make a spiral moves to the inside. You can also use white sage and smudge the mirror in the same way. If you suspect that there is a portal in your mirror, use white sage and make the X sign.


And now the good news for the cat-lovers. This animal was always associated with magic, which had caused it more problems than benefits. But in the case of cleansing your space from bad energy … cats do it for us. And I do not mean messing with cat litter. It is not magic and will not cleanse your house.

However, cats take all the house’s energy on itself and draw low vibrations out. Therefore, cats should be let out so that they can ground the energy, running on the earth. It can be a garden, woods, a flower bed. If you cannot let your cat out, there is the risk of sickness. In the case you have an indoor cat, give them some earth to the litter.

There are many other ways of cleansing the house from bad energies. Each case is different and requires different tools. It may depend on if its residential house or an office if there are other people using this house. Apart from magic and spirituality, you can also use Feng Shui to do the job. I will describe some methods in one of my later posts in the future.

In a Nutshell

Today you could read about the ways of helping you with cleansing your house from bad energies. Firstly, you need to clean the house with the intention of energy cleansing. Secondly, use the tools, such as white sage, candles, sound, but be careful while cleaning mirrors. And do not forget about a cat.


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