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How To Tune To Your Body

We know that our body is a very important aspect of holistic health and happiness. However, not many people know how to listen to their bodies. Today I will show you how to do it.

How To Listen To Your Body

People usually pay bigger attention to their bodies when an illness emerges, when something goes wrong. Moreover, they do it superficially, just trying to fix the symptoms, e.g. a headache. They also do not take into account heir bodies’ intelligence and the symbiotic connection between their body and mind, not to mention their soul.

You need to be aware that human bodies communicate by energies which are these bodies’ language. However, there is a problem: people are not aware of it.

Learn why you become ill:

Why Do People Not Listen To Their Bodies?

It is the fact that your body exactly knows what kind of food is the best for it. Your body also knows what kind of clothing it wants to wear or what activities to perform in order to preserve longevity and health. Your body has its awareness and reacts to everything concerning it.

Now let’s look at why people do not listen to their bodies. There are some reasons for it:

  • People want an easy life and their bodies often signal them to e.g. leat less or abstain from their favourite meals. It also leads to using tablets and other medications just to fix the problems with their bodies as soon as possible.
  • People are lazy. Therefore, they eat quick, ready-made but unhealthy meals, neglect doing exercises and prefer driving from walking.
  • People do not know and are not aware hot to listen to their bodies. Hence, they can wrongly recognise and interpret the signals sent by their bodies.
  • The pressure put on an individual by Matrix, the society, social clock, rules. For example, it is still hard to get something really healthy in the canteen where workers eat collectively these days. If you choose something different than the most, there is often the risk of alienation and sometimes you just cannot eat it e.g. own food in the canteen. Even the strongest human being may succumb to egregores, i.e. collective thought forms.

3 Steps How To Tune To Your Body

There are three steps which you can observe to tune to your body. Each of them is important and needs to be taken into account if you want to succeed.

1. Recognise That You Are an Infinite Being

Human bodies are the carriers, i.e. the vehicles of life which they are living while their selves, i.e. souls are infinite beings. Both the body and the soul have their self-awareness, views and preferences. In spite of being two separate, but connected entities, they can exist in harmony.

How To Recognise Body And Soul

Let’s do a simple and easy exercise which will help you to notice the difference between your body (the vehicle) and your soul (the infinite being).

Close your eyes, take some deep breaths – in and out – and relax. Then, with your eyes closed, broaden your attention to the whole room in which you are at the moment. Feel like your energy is connected with the walls and everything that is in this room.

Then broaden your attention even more, beyond the walls of the room. Feel that it is possible. Realise that you can broaden your awareness more and more, to your whole town, country, the Earth, the solar system, all the Space and eventually the Universe. Embrace it. Notice that it is your soul, not your body that is spreading out. Doing this exercise more often, you will see that you are not only the body but also the infinite self (soul).

2. Recognise That Your Body Has Awareness

Each human being, an extraterrestrial being, each plant and each structure found on this planet is aware. Human bodies are no exception. You can deepen the relationship with your body by asking the right questions and being open for the answers, emerging from the space of bodily awareness.

Start from eating. During your next breakfast of supper, instead of mechanical preparation of the meal, stop for a while, cleanse your mind and ask,

“My dear body, what would you like to eat?”

Then, being open and mindful, listen to the answer. It may come in the form of clear thought, association, symbol or feeling.

Start asking your body for everything that concerns it: clothing, eating, exercise and even the people connected with it by intimate relationships. You need to be patient because the reconstruction of the connection will take up some time. Each asked question and the mindful listening will make that you will hear your body’s messages easier and easier.

3. Treat Your Body As Your Psychic TV Set

Human bodies are like sponges. They can absorb thoughts, energies and even judgements made by other people. More than that, they can also soothe the pain and suffering of everyone around. It means that they are sore because of other people’s pain. Human bodies may feel anger, sadness or anxiety which are not their owner’s feelings.

When you accept that not everything that you are feeling in your body is yours, then you will work your way to release many unnecessary energies, which you are carrying and consider as yours, and which limit your growth.

If you feel any pain in your body, always ask:

My dear body, who is the owner of this pain?

Never look for clear answers. At first, it may be hard and requires much awareness. Just open up to the truth that not all your feelings are yours. Your body’s intelligence will start releasing strange energies itself, just let it do this process. It is a great beginning which will train your skills of recognising the source of your thoughts and emotions and their conscious releasing. Mastery comes with practice.

Your body is the gift given to you by the Universe. You have chosen it before descending to this plane of existence. Therefore, take care of your body on each level being mindful and non-judgemental. In this way, you will fully make the most of your body’s intelligence and capabilities.

Credits to Conscious Reminder

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt how to tune to your body. Recognise your body and soul, then become aware of it, ask questions, e.g. what to eat. And finally, discover that not all emotions and thoughts are yours. Godo luck.


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