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Let's Pray For Prosperity In 2020

We have just started the New Year 2020. Let’s pray for prosperity, abundance, love and many more positive things in our lives now.

Let’s Pray

God, you have created us and have given us wisdom, love, generosity, kindness, and all kinds of blessings. You have given us a wonderful planet, free will, the choice between the Light and the Darkness. You have created all what we know and what we will learn about, giving us many roads which we are travelling to you in order to meet our hearts, souls, the language of love, the language of respecting our neighbours and all the beings living with us.

Thank you for all your gifts and for your blessings. Now when we can see and feel the construction of the New Wonderful Masterpiece, when the truth “ask and you will be given” will be the base of the new World,

Our Requests

We are asking you to bless us with courage. faith, strength, power, wisdom and connect us with one language which will lead us to the truth, freedom, unity, love by which you give all to your children during this time of construction.

Raising Personal Vibrations

Please, help us to raise vibrations of all the being on the Earth and in the Space, to raise the vibrations of our Mum Earth, of the plants, animals, offices and all things that are there. May the positive values, which fill up our hearts and minds, light up each place on the Earth and in the Space, together with all other brothers and sisters.

Please, may our unity and joint strength build a new, wonderful world and start the Golden Era on the Earth and in the Universe. Please, help all the beings to return to the pathway of the Light, i.e. love, respect, respect, truth, health.

Awareness In the Year 2020

Please, make the commencing Year 2020 the year of peace, respect, love, harmony and serenity,

  • the year of awareness that we all are our brothers and sisters;
  • the awareness that we have one Mother Earth of whom we should take care in particular now;
  • the awareness that all divisions for religions, skin colours, nationalities can be transformed into one common way to prosperity for all beings on the Earth and in the Universe;
  • the awareness of co-existence with our brother and sisters form the Space;
  • the awareness of joint work for the good of all;
  • the awareness that each of us has a divine strength and Light within;
  • the awareness that each of us, by this Light, can change their lives and become the proof of change on the Earth;
  • the awareness that all is possible when we join our hearts and selves to build peace and prosperity on the planet.

The Unity On the Earth

Let’s pray. God, please unite our planet, create the union based on equality, freedom, respect and love to all your children who will live there and who will come to live there. May your help be always with us while building the New Masterpiece, based on truth, freedom, respect for our neighbours.

Please, unite all the ruling powers and authorities so that they join in the truth with all the people and use only the language of peace, heart and respect. May their way aim to build the new, free, beautiful world, the new Golden Age on the Earth.

Please, bring peace to our families, workplaces, countries, towns and villages. Please, grant us with one language on this planet, the language based on the truth and respect for each being. May the hearts of all beings create the community of love and mutual respect.


Children For Adoption

Let’s pray. Please, help all the children trying to find families fulfil their dreams and find the truth so that they find loving, happy families which will give them kindness and love. Please, lighten up the people who decide about adoption so that they will make their decisions based on love and happiness for these children.

Parents And Children

Let’s pray. God, please, make parents listen to their children who have been sent to them for the creation of the New World. May the parents understand the changes that are to happen and not inhibit their children’s growth and development. May they learn from their children that they can live and think differently than taught by their parents and that this new world is different than the one they have known so far. Please, help these parents to build the New World together with their children, without worrying about the future.

Health And Freedom

Let’s pray. May all the people who are struggling with an illness, receive the energy of health, your blessing and now become surrounded by the love of other beings. May all the children who have become ill because of vaccination be purified from the toxic administrated together with these vaccines and become healthy again. We yearn to be free from sickness, divisions, trouble, starvation, the Matrix, false authority, slavery, poisons in the air, water, soil, food, free from the darkness and the monetary enslavement.

Please, change the medicine so that it will serve people and liberate itself from system limits. May medicine start the new way, with new possibilities and opportunities for curing children and people.

We are asking you to help us with rebuilding our bodies, in ideal harmony with the spirit and the matter. Please, bless all the beings with health and liberate them from karmic lessons.

Finding the Way

Let’s pray. God, please, help us with finding the way to you, all those who are searching for it. May our late ones also find the way to you and fill up with your love and be blessed by you.


We are asking you:

  • please, liberate all the free energies with which we have been given by our ancestors so that we can jointly create peace, equality, brotherhood and reconciliation on the earth,
  • please, shed a protection shield of positive beings over the Earth,
  • please, protect us from each danger coming from the Space,
  • please, push back the negative energies, aimed at us every day,
  • please, stop volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tornadoes, cyclones, fires, floods,
  • please, fill up our planet and all the worlds – external and internal ones – with the energy of purity.

Mind Control And Negative Beings

Let’s pray. God, please, liberate all the people from blockades, thought forms, programs installed in their heads by themselves. May mankind become liberated from everything that has been created against people under the ground. May it become uncovered and lighten up. Please, liberate our minds from mind control, illnesses, viruses, scientific and medical experiments.

Please, liberate us from all the psychotronic and biological weapons that are used against mankind and from all technologies which block our growth, health, development and happiness. May all that has been created against mankind be revealed and neutralised by the Beings of Light so that peace and harmony are present on the planet. May peace come to all places on the planet, each country, town and village.

Connection With Mother Earth

God, we are asking you: Please, help your children to connect with their Mother Earth, receive her gifts, love and share Her gifts with one another. May they have the strength to liberate Mother Earth from all the poisons and technology which is detrimental to Her and some people’s stubbornness in destroying Her. Please, help us to create new technologies based on harmony with our planet so that they create peace, abundance and prosperity.



Let’s pray. God, please, help us to create our spaces so that they are open to your abundance, blessings and they give us joy, happiness, health, prosperity which we will share with other your children on the Earth and in the Universe. May our hearts be filled with love and let this love fill up our space, and the word LOVE becomes the way to the new time.


Let’s pray. God, please stop all the political manipulations in the world so that the ruling politicians create co-existence, prosperity and abundance to all the citizens of the planet. May all the laws and rules which do mot serve people to be abated.

May all the religions, countries and nationalities unite for creation of this New Era on the Earth and in the Universe.


Please, help people to understand the lessons that are being shown to them now. May they open their hearts and use them as a cynosure in their lives. Please, close the world of choice on this planet so that only the Light will be present here.

Inner Strength

Please, help people to believe in and appreciate the strength they have within and may they use their strength to build their health, happiness and the Golden Age on the Earth.

Our Personal Requests

We are asking you for all that has been prepared for us in your generosity, and love so that this time of happiness, smile, freedom, joy come to all beings as soon as possible.

Please, manifest our prayers, meditations and dreams brought to you every day. May the change that we can see come into being and may your care be with each of us so that all the beings have the awareness that we are the children of one Father and we come from one Source,


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