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Limiting Beliefs. Learn the Hidden Truth

Not far ago, I promised to write something about beliefs. Today you will learn how to recognise limiting beliefs which limit your happiness, love and abundance.

What Is A Belief

Let’s meet the true definition of belief. In shortest, it is anything you believe or are convinced of. You may believe in God, reincarnation, the law of Attraction… but also that people are dangerous and that evil is stronger the Light. These are only some examples of beliefs.

Moreover, it is the power of belief that causes things to happen in our lives. Most people define beliefs as inward convictions, a feeling of certainty about what something means. They are what you hold dear and are rooted deeply within

What Is a Limiting Belief

A limiting belief is one that causes life to be less than completely satisfying. They will make your life less fulfilled, happy, healthy, rich, free, You will not use your full potential, being afraid of people, circumstances and challenges. Limiting beliefs are driven by fear and anxiety and they have been created by negative and painful experiences in your life.

The Features of Limiting Beliefs

This kind of beliefs has some common features, There are many of them, but I have chosen four, the most common and detrimental to your happiness, ones. Here they are:

1. They hold you back from making different choices in your life.

How many times have you felt afraid of doing something, because, for example, someone will rape you? Suppose that you want to go to the park on your own as a woman. Or you do not cry as a man because it is not supposed to do? These are only two examples of how your beliefs can limit your behaviour.

2. They keep you from seeing various opportunities presented to you each day.

Suppose that you are a woman and want to meet a new soulmate. As a child, you have been taught that men approach ladies first. Therefore, you miss an excellent opportunity of meeting someone nice, just because you are not supposed to take the first step.

3. They prevent you from seeing your own gifts or accepting the gifts offered to you.

However, the same woman may be afraid of a man’s approach, expecting something suspicious or seeing men as dangerous creatures. She can even agree to go on a date, but being afraid of receiving gifts from that man.

4. They keep you stuck on focusing on the negative aspect of your circumstances.

All the examples above have one common feature: the person holding the aforementioned beliefs focuses on the negative side of life.


How We Create Limiting Beliefs

In the shortest, they are created by repetitive suggestions. You are conditioned by your parents, the rest of your family, the religious community, the media and the society. Also, your experiences may strengthen or weaken your beliefs, i.e. your past abusive relationships may inhibit you to find someone new now.

Before a given statement becomes your belief, it has to be repeated a given number of times and in a specific way. Brainwashing is only one example of creating limiting beliefs.

Past Lives

Apart from your current life, your limiting beliefs may come from reincarnation. You might not remember them later in your life until undergoing regressive therapy or starting to meditate. For example, if you were burnt at the stake in the medieval times, now it will be hard for you to oppose the Matrix. The same applies to the fear of water in the case you were drowned in the past.

Thoughts And Beliefs

I have written about responsible thinking on that website before. It also concerns the words you hear and especially – say yourself. Your thoughts are important as they indicate what beliefs are hidden behind them – yours or someone else’s.

Thoughts are like ants going to work in the environment while your beliefs can be compared to queens staying in the nest and laying eggs – new thoughts. Ants can do a good job in the habitat, but sometimes are pests, like the pharaoh ones, living in houses and destroying your food, left unattended.

Viruses and the attacked body organ can be another comparison. Your negative thoughts represent viruses while the morbid tissue is your negative belief.

As your thoughts may represent your or someone else’s beliefs, always put the negative ones to the bin and focus on positivity. It will eventually kill the queen or enable healing of the morbid tissue. The Universal Laws will help you with the process, especially the Law of Focus and Law of Attraction.

Core Limiting Beliefs

Core beliefs are basic beliefs about ourselves, other people, and the world we live in. They are things we hold to be absolute truths deep down, underneath all our “surface” thoughts. Essentially, core beliefs determine how you perceive and interpret the world. They sit in the basement of your mind.

Better Relationships


There are three major core limiting beliefs that can be present in your life:

  • If I try I will fail,
  • I am unworthy,
  • I am unwanted,

All negative beliefs that you can have can be driven to one or more of these three statements.

How To Discover Your Core Negative Beliefs

Suppose that you are afraid of water. To discover your core limiting belief, just keep asking Why? It is not hard for this example, as you can find the answer straightaway, for example, “If I try I will fail.” Anything you are afraid of has this core belief underneath.

Examples Of Limiting Beliefs

Here are ten randomly chosen beliefs which can limit your potential and life fulfilment. Bear in mind that it is only a helpful list, you need to discover your own negative beliefs.

  • I am not _________ (smart, rich, attractive… put your own feature) enough.
  • I can’t handle ____________,
  • I do not have enough ___________ (time, money, friends….)
  • I do not ant people think I am ____________ (stupid, lazy, unattractive…),
  • I am not good at ____________ (name the skill),
  • I am unwanted,
  • I do not fit this world,
  • I do not trust myself,
  • I am not a worthwhile person,
  • I am going to fail.

In a Nutshell

Today you have met the truth about beliefs. They can be positive or limiting. We also have three core subconscious beliefs. Thoughts are the seeds of them. More articles about this topic shortly on this blog, so stay tuned.


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