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Meet And Apply the Universal Laws Part One

You could already read about the 15 questions to the Universe on my blog. However, do you know what are the laws which the Universe applies every second in your life? Today I will help you to learn it.

The 8 Laws of the Universe

There are eight Universal Laws or Principles by which everything in the Universe is governed. The first three of the Laws are immutable and the rest are mutable.

The immutable, eternal Laws are Absolute and can never be changed or transcended. They have always existed and will always exist. The other laws are transitory, Mutable Laws which means that they can be transcended or at least “better used” to create your ideal reality.

This is not to say that you should ignore these four Laws. Your aim is to master each of the seven Universal Laws and only then learn to transcend the mutable ones.

The Law of Correspondence

The first Universal Law basically says that our current reality is a mirror of what is going on inside us.  Our reality is a result of our inner most dominant thought.  This Universal Law is a lot like the Law of Attraction –  you attract to yourself what you feel on the inside.

We perceive the world as we perceive ourselves. Our world depends on the way we see ourselves. The way we see the world depends on the way we think.  Correspondences enable me to understand life by analogy. The macrocosm is as the microcosm, and the microcosm is like the macrocosm.

How To Apply It

In order to change our outer world, we must first take a good look in the mirror and change the inner man. If we really want to see a change in our outer world, we must first change our inner world – our thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes.

Step One. Take a Hard Look at Yourself

Look at your relationships, your career, your health, and your finances. Let’s say that your financial situation is in dire straights or unsatisfactory, here’s what you need to do…  Ask yourself this question… “How are my inner thoughts and attitudes causing this situation in my life ?”Do it for each aspect of your life and do it in writing.

Step Two. Take Full Responsibility For Your Life

And again we come back to responsible thinking, speaking and acting. Read my previous post for more details. In the future, you will find more tools for changing your thoughts and language.

The Law of Vibration

The second of the seven Universal Laws tells us Nothings rests – Everything moves – Everything vibrates. The universe is always in motion, the same way humans are. Motion generates life and it belongs to life which itself is a motion.  We cannot cease to vibrate because we cannot cease to exist. The constant motion happens to anything that is alive but also planets, atoms, and stars. I will write a separate post only about vibrations soon.

However, here is something you need to know: The dominant frequency of our body is determined by the vibratory state to which we connect the most frequently. If you are always afraid then you connect to this frequency all the time. Thus, your body vibrates at the frequency of fear. However, you still hold the frequency of courage within yourself, but just never connect to it.

How To Apply It

Take care of your vibrations. Because all your thoughts, words, and actions vibrate, be very careful to stay in the Light. Remember that people with lower vibrations will always want to steal the frequencies which are inactive in them. In this case, always keep up energetic hygiene and after contact with a person having low vibrations cleanse your aura and house from the negativity.

Stop dwelling on negativity. Constant worry, rumination over the past, holding grudge, anger, grievance generate enormously low vibrations, keeping happiness, love, and peace of mind at bay. The choice is yours in which state you want to stay and what kind of future to create.

The Law of Mentalism

The third immutable Universal Law states that The All is Mind – The Universe is Mental – All is one and one is all. In the universe, everything is unique but at the same time, everything comes from the same source. This Law dictates that all of creation exists in the mind of God, and by extension, our lives exist in our minds. In other words, perception is reality; things are how you think they are.

How To Apply It

The first step in applying the Law of Mentalism, is to first decide “What Do I Want?” And you need to be crystal clear about it.  If you aren’t sure about what you want, I will give you a tip: Sit down and make a list of what you DON’T want, then, make a list of the opposites. Keep polishing it until you have your goal or desire honed to such a degree that even thinking about it makes you smile. Always remember to understand that which you desire must first exist as conscious ideas before they become physical realities.

Credits go Tanja Kotsos and her blog “Mind Your Reality.”

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned the first three Universal Laws which are immutable: the Law of Correspondence, the Law of Mentalism and the Law of Vibration. In order to be happy, rich and healthy you need to take full responsibility for your thoughts, words and actions.



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