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Meet Your Soul Plan

Many people who start their more awakened spiritual journey are interested in their souls. Some ask me: “What is my soul plan?” This article will give you an idea.

What Is a Soul Plan

Your Soul Plan is the blueprint you decide on in your pre-birth planning sessions. Before you incarnate at any given time, you decide — in company with your guides, angels, and the other souls you will encounter — what your challenges, your learning opportunities, and your contracts will be while you are on the Earthplane in a particular body and timeline.

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When you realise that as a spiritual being you have planned most of your life events before ascending to the Earth, you will look at everything that happened from a new perspective.

Some Words Of Caution

However, it does not mean that your soal plan is final. It is only a plan, some guidelines. But it is you who will take the challenges and decides to experience a given thing, good or bad, leading to the Light of the Darkness.

Your free will is a crucial aspect of life. It is one of the Universal Laws – the Law of Choice. Hence, you can accept or deny the planned challenges.

Your soul is always with you, sending its messages by feelings. Just learn how to decode and implement them.

Why Do We Need a Soul Plan?

Why is knowing your Soul Plan important? When you realize that the plans you made before you were born included all the “tough stuff” you have to go through, you think less about duality. Instead, your thought is:

“How can I take all these things that have happened to me and use them to grow and make my life better?”

Just let’s look at some examples. Your soul plan concerns your relationship roller coasters, health challenges, financial ups and downs, career trials and tribulations and all the rest of what life can throw at you. However, YOU are the engineer driving your life experiences, no matter where the train track may lead.

Your soul plan also helps to remember that this body you are in, this personality you have chosen, is like a costume, a coat in your closet. It is only a part your soul has chosen to play.

Some spiritual masters consider your Soul (or Higher Self) as a hand and fingers. It means that the palm of your hand is like your entire soul, everything that you have ever been, are or will be. On the contrary, each of your fingers is much smaller than the entire palm. That is what an incarnation is like smaller, far more limited.

Part of the soul comes down and animates this physical incarnation, from birth to death, next brought back to the entire Soul self the lessons and experiences of that single life, in order to integrate into the Soul’s understanding of the Universe.

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Pre-Birth Planning

Imagine that before you were born, your spiritual life had been in the spiritual world, in the plane of existence where the time does not matter. Many entities are living there; your spiritual guardians, other souls, over-dimensional beings and your spiritual carers, helping souls all the time.

Each soul is at a different level of spiritual development and therefore, together with its carers, he or she plans the most important events in their lives during terrestrial incarnations. These events are usually dramatic and very important.

Soul plan is not created to suffer, but to teach us lessons based on the experience from the previous incarnations and spiritual periods. Souls need new incarnations constantly so that they can learn and develop, finding spiritual equilibrium, to advance to the higher level of their growth.

How Souls Prepare Their Plans

Our Souls sit together with our guides and our Soulmate Team before we enter into Time and Space and a particular existence. There is a grid, like a computer spreadsheet, with places to schedule the occurrence of various events.

Souls also choose the people with whom they will have romantic relationships, family relationships, friendships, work partnerships, including just those casual meetings that profoundly affect their lives.

Moreover, your soul also plans the environment and terms on which this plan will be manifested, e.g. being on a wheelchair, an illness, a certain financial status, your personality. You also plan when and where you come to this planet and potentially for how long you will stay there. It is your car which will help you to travel through spiritual growth, although this car is often imperfect and has to be accepted.

Remember that at this point we are all in our full Soul selves. The completeness of who we are, regardless of the sex we will choose, allows us to observe the limitations and dualities of an Earth school life while not yet being limited ourselves.

Life Lessons

If there are certain lessons a Soul wants to learn, it starts plotting his or her major life structures on that grid. Let’s say, he or she wants to learn emotional independence. In this case, the Soul may look to one of these Team members: an overbearing mother, a husband who is cold and unfeeling, or a friend who makes promises but never keeps them.

On the surface, that may sound like a cruel thing. You might think, “I will take on the role of your mother. I agree to make your life miserable until you tell me to get off your back. Otherwise, you agree to lose your marriage because I am overbearing.” However, if such a characterization is requested, one Soul to another, then the role is lovingly accepted and played to the full.

Moreover, your spiritual guides help you to create the tolls helping you to return to the track of your plan in the case of being led astray.

Why Do You Need a Soul Plan

Apart from learning the lessons to grow, you also need to face the karma created in the previous incarnations. Karma, in a spiritual dimension, binds you with a particular group of other souls.

For example, a soul being a carer later plans sickness to be cared for. It is a kind of energetic equilibrium. Sometimes we also need to experience the wrongs done to other souls. If you have chosen to be cruel, then the next life may mean that you will experience cruelty from other souls.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt what a soul plan is, why we need it and how it is created. Good luck on your way of your spiritual growth.


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