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Michail Tombak. Can We Live For 150 Years Part Two

You could read in my last article that there are five factors determining if you live for 150 years. You have met the first three of them. Today I will write about the last but not least two factors: body hygiene and stress management.

Michail Tombak. Can We Live For 150 Years Part Two

As I wrote in my last article, there are five factors determining your health and longevity:

  • the spine
  • breathing
  • diet
  • internal hygiene
  • stress management

I have already described the first three in my recent article. Today you will learn the truth about the next two.

Lack Of Internal Body Hygiene

We hear from our childhood that external body hygiene is important. However, you know little about internal hygiene, even if you know that the condition of your internal organs determines much of your external appearance.


Most people never clean the inside of their body. Usually, around the age of forty, their body is so tired of poisons, unfriendly bacteria and harmful deposits that it becomes susceptible to disease. In a constantly poisoned body, there are more old cells than the new ones, which also causes diseases and degeneration of your body. We cannot live 150 years then.

You probably do not know that an adult person carries around 8 to 15 kg of hardened faecal material in their large intestine. Usually, after the age of forty, the large intestine is so full of faecal matter that it crowds our other organs and interferes with the functioning of your liver, kidneys and lungs.

Eating And Poisoning of the Body

All food can be divided into four groups: proteins, carbohydrates, fats and fruit/vegetables plus their juices. The digestion of most carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables starts in the mouth and continues in the small intestine. Fats and proteins are digested in the stomach.

Combining meat with potatoes causes digestive problems because various digestive enzymes are needed to digest proteins and carbohydrates. None of the groups will be digested efficiently. Moreover, the food will decay and fermentate in intestines. This will not help us to live 150 years either.

Instead of using the energy for life processes and fighting diseases, your body hast to use it for digestion and disposing of waste from a dinner consisting of incorrectly combined food products.

Undigested food sticks to the old one and another one to the large intestine’s walls. The intestine still performs its absorbing function under the layer of filth and delivers toxins and cancerogenic products of decay, to the body.

The 7 Cleansing Systems And Living 150 Years

Your body has seven cleansing systems which keep toxins at bay:

  • the large intestine,
  • the liver,
  • the kidneys,
  • fat tissue,
  • muscles and tendons,
  • nose, ears and eyes.

Large Intestine

Your large intestine is like a pot containing fertile soil in the form of digested food while your body is like a plant. It has to be kept clean if you want to live for 150 years. The walls of the large intestine are lined with roots, that like roots of a plant, absorbing nutritious substances into your blood. Each group of roots nurtures a specific organ. e.g heart. Useless waste is discarded. Good health requires maintaining your intestines in perfect order.

Dirty large intestine leads to blood pollution. It happens during:

  • frequent constipation and,
  • consuming food rich in calories and low in volume,
  • consuming an excessive amount of food,
  • consuming a large amount of coffee, dairy and wheat-based products.

The large intestine is also the farm of 500 kinds of bacteria. In a healthy intestine, these bacteria complete the digestion of food and destroy other, disease-causing bacteria. The good bacteria also produce vitamins, hormones, enzymes and amino acids.

Eating too much animal proteins causes constant putrefaction processes in your large intestine and results in the emission of methane. This poisonous gas destroys the bacteria that produce vitamin B.

Your large intestine is also a robust immune system. Each segment of the intestine stimulates a specific organ of our body. In the case of unhealthy deposits or unbalanced microflora, your health is in danger.

150 years


If the large intestine is too contaminated and the blood absorbs more filth than usual, your liver starts to suffer. After a while, the liver and/or the gallbladder are plugged with stones, cholesterol and dark-green bile. In this way, the process of filtering out the blood is suppressed.


When the liver fails to filter the blood properly, your kidneys take over and, if the body is not cleansed, also become filled with stones and sand.

Fat Tissue

Then the body starts storing the toxins in fat tissue, you put on weight even more and feel worse.

Muscles And Tendons

In the long run, when there is no improvement and a massive amount of toxins still deluge your body, salty deposits start to create on the bones and joints, causing pain.

Nose, Ears And Eyes

You will also have a cold because the body is trying to eliminate the toxins in mucus. In the case of eyes, more tears are secreted and the wax in the case of ears.

Lungs And Skin

Toxins are also disposed of in the form of sweat and gas during breathing. So bad smell of your sweat and bad breath from your mouth are obvious signs of your body intoxication.

I am already working on the series of articles which will explain to you how to cleanse the systems mentioned above. Some tips can be found in this article.

Inability To Live a Blissful Live Deprives Us Of the 150-Years Life

Each disorder in our body has not only physical but also psychological causes.

Negative Thinking

Your way of thinking influences what happens to you and determines good and bad aspects of your life. Also, listen to your own words. If you notice that you’re expressing the same thought repeatedly, it has become your mental template.

If your thoughts are full of anger, sadness, fear, pain and vengeance, do not expect health, abundance, love and happiness.

Check my post about responsible thinking. You will also find some ways of transforming your thoughts there.

Learn how to cope with negative thought forms (templates in this article).

Toxic Relationships

You obviously become a person similar to the people who spend the most time with you. If they are toxic or even energy vampires, create a new word by thinking and taking action, usually changing your friends and even partner in some cases.

Lack Of Grounding And Connection With the Source

Your body absorbs not only food or your thoughts, but also other kinds of immaterial energy. In order to be balanced, you need to ground it, walking barefoot, cuddling to a tree or stroking a cat.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learned the last two reasons for living shorter: lack of internal hygiene and inability to live a blissful life. We usually have intoxicated liver, large intestines, kidneys and other organs. We also stick to toxic relationships, think negative thoughts and forget to ground, connecting to the Source and Mother Earth.


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