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Negative Entities. How To Recognise Them

Every now and then people become aware of negative forces and energies. Seemingly strong, we tend to be sensitive and prone to mood swings or too big tension. It is the ideal opportunity for negative entities to hook up to your aura. Learn how to recognise them.

The Kinds Of Entities

I have to warn you. This part of today’s article can be controversial and understandable only by open minds. If you are not ready, stop reading here and check other posts or categories.

Positive Beings and Entities

The Earth is inhabited by various kinds of entities and beings. They can be classified as the positive ones (i.e. living in the Light) and negative ones (i.e. under the influence of the Darkness). Among the positive beings, you can distinguish angels, all the prominent beings (e.g. Jesus, Buddha, Mary) guardians of our planet and your personal guardians, plus civilisations like the Dragons, the Dolphins, the Elves, the Dagons some of the Grey Beings. Read more here.

The positive entities and beings respect your aura and personal space, warn you about spiritual, mental and physical dangers, help you to grow and follow the pathway of the Light.

Negative Entities And Beings

However, there are also negative entities and beings on Earth. And I do not mean demons only. They do not respect your boundaries and their goal is either to destroy you or to make you their slave who will create negative energy by fear, anger and any other negative emotions, thoughts, words and deeds. Examples: stray souls, negative thought forms, all the negative civilisations. I would rather avoid giving their names because although they do create negativity, we can learn something from them, too (e.g. how to transform negativity into light).

Negative entities and beings, by hooking up to your aura, bring many negative consequences. They send you misfortune and encourage to following low vibrations.

How Negative Entities And Beings Hook Up

A negative entity can hook up to any living beings. The higher the being’s vibrations, the more fierce are the attempts to hook up by negative beings and entities. Energy is the main transmitter and it all starts from thoughts (i.e. allowing the negative ones). Then you can start speaking in a negative way and eventually, do something evil.

Negative entities will be trying to hook up all the time, just waiting for a leakage, hole in your aura, in any of the five fields: the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and ethereal ones.

There are some cases when you are very vulnerable to being hooked up by a negative entity. Let me list some of them:

  • lack of acceptance in childhood and all the traumas,
  • spending your time in the mind-controlling places, e.g. shopping centres,
  • astral journeys, when you have not asked your guardian for protection or entered black portals carelessly,
  • negative people around, especially someone from your family or work (energetic vampires).

Hooked-up entities do not care about your boundaries, they suck all that is the best from a given being. These entities are the destructive ones, having the darkest energy. Other beings are just parasites, not destroying totally, but acting by your ego and emotions, sending their negative, intrusive thoughts.

Most people are not aware of the presence of a negative entity. because it can be very insidious and hard to be identified by an average person. You might feel the neither physical presence of them, nor recognise them by your senses but these entities are hooked up.

negative entities

How Negative Entities Prey On You

There are some ways, belonging to different categories, in which negative entities prey on you.


In the shortest, they affect your emotions. You may be prone to sudden anger surges, panic and anxiety attacks or depression, sadness, helplessness. Sometimes thy may also feel you worthless, shameful and guilty.


You can experience nightmares, obsessive thoughts leading to OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder), paranoia or even schizophrenia. All mental health disorders are the results of negative entities. You can also install too strong inner critic, become forgetful, flabbergasted or suffer low concentration.


A negative entity may cause chronic fatigue, sudden exhausting, back pain or a headache. You might feel tingles, a kind of creeping of crawling, even if there are no insect nearby. Your skin may have bruises or scars without any real reason.


You may feel being observed and even touched from time to time. You can even see a given being, clearly or just an outline. By traditional psychiatry, it is a delusion, but the real reason is somewhere else. Psychological hook-up is present when you are the victim of emotional blackmail, manipulation with guilt or destructive criticism.


You might smell something unpleasant, but hard to be identified. Animals (e.g. dogs) can treat you differently (e.g. run away, become angry). You might feel coldness and tired around electronic equipment or in some places of the town/city (i.e. aforementioned shopping centres.)

Life Factors

You are feeling blocked, face misfortune, bad luck, always face challenges and obstacles. If you become ill physically, your recovery is long and slow or treatment is unsuccessful.

A Word Of Caution

It is important to remember that not all the symptoms described above indicate clearly that one negative entity or more have hooked up to your aura. Therefore, don’t panic. You might just have a worse day or get a cold because of not drying your hair properly and going out.

However, if any of these symptoms last longer and the situation does not improve, suspect a hook-up and being tormented bo a negative entity.

My next article will give you some efficient tools for removing hook-ups and the impact of negative entities and beings. Stay tuned to my website and in some day’s time, you will be able to solve the problem of hook-ups.

In a Nutshell

Today you have learnt about how to recognise negative entities and how they prey on your subtleties. They usually hook up when you are vulnerable and have low vibrations. You can be affected physically, mentally, emotionally, psychologically and environmentally.


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