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6 Reasons Why We Become Ill Part 1

Some of my friends have asked me: ‘Why do we become ill?” It has inspired me to write today’s post and share some reflections with you.  The truth will not be easy to swallow, but I believe that then we will take some action to achieve longevity in good health.

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What Is Karma And How To Close It

If you are interested in spiritual life, the term of karma is something that may have come to your might earlier or later. Many blogs describe how karma is created, but very few give you the solution what to do with this challenge.

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How You Can Cure Yourself Of Cancer During Chemotherapy

Cancer. This one word can cause fright and panic. Especially when you suspected the diagnosis. Things are even worse when you started taking chemotherapy, with all the side effects and mixed feelings that you would be healthy.

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15 Questions To Ask the Universe

Have you ever tried to talk to the Universe? Sounds strange, but… we have that conversation more often than you think. To tell the truth you are always talking to the Universe. How?

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7 Simple Ways How To Live In the Light

We all know that people can live in the light or the darkness. Whichever choice implies consequences which will appear in this and/or the next incarnations. Therefore, we would rather follow the pathway of the Light. How to do it?