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Spiritual Growth: What Stage Are You At?

There is much about spiritual growth on the Internet. However, not many people know what stages it has got and when we reach them.

Are You Ready For Spiritual Growth?

Before you start the pathway of growing spiritually, answer the questions below. They will show if you are ready for advanced spiritual life.


  • overcome your fears, anxiety, worries?
  • overcome the mental programs which have not brought you happiness, joy, easiness and love?
  • create the time so that you understand the past and see the future without worrying?
  • be able to see auras and in this way, look at people, animals and things differently?
  • modify your space (i.e. personal life, surroundings, thoughts) so that you are focused on the creation of all what you want in your life, understanding that everything has its time and place and also depends on your spiritual growth?
  • understand that life is a play, constant exploration, not a tragedy, failure, fear or suffering, to move forward your spiritual growth,
  • work on yourself so that you have an impact on your health and dan help others by healing them?
  • talk to other people to show them that you are different – full of love, acceptance and understanding, that they can feel safe at your presence?
  • control your mind to the way that you can not only take care of yourself but also help others, in an assertive way?
  • have a calm mind, without a train of thoughts, enjoy mental health?
  • agree that everything has its purpose so that there is no duality,
  • create a wonderful reality for yourself and other beings?
  • receive answers your questions from the Universe which means the high level of spiritual growth?
  • have the knowledge which you will not find on TV or in books?

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The more positive answers to the questions listed above, the higher is the level of your spiritual growth. If you disagree with more than half of the questions, thinking that they are now worth the trouble, do not panic. Everyone is at a different level of spiritual growth and there is nothing wrong in the fact that some people have reached a different level than you.

I also need to point out that levels of spiritual growth are like grades at school. You cannot attend Grade Six, for example without completing Grade One.

The Stages Of Spiritual Growth

You have awakened, knowing that religion and science are not everything, that there is something more than only your one, terrestrial life. You may have heard about UFO and reincarnation. So your question may be,

What’s next? Where to start?

1. Acceptance and Understanding

This is the first step. You may not like your body, parents, siblings, work and many other things in your life. But this is your space. Before you ascended to the planet, there was big planning on the other side. You have chosen your body, family, what to experience, what values of Light to practise. Therefore, there is no point arguing with your soul, the divine essence of yourself.

Check the article about soul contracts to understand this issue better.

Do not argue with your soul. It exists much longer than your mind which sabotages your happiness. Think this way:

I have checked how harmony and peace, abundance look like. Now it has become boring and I want to try something more challenging. Therefore, my body is not ideal, my parents are not perfect, they hurt, put labels, cause traumas… but I am STRONG ENOUGH TO HANDLE IT. And even if I fail at the first time, I can be proud of myself for the courage to take such a challenge. So be proud of yourself and pat your back for courage and strength.

Spiritual growth means living according to the values of light more than in past life, without creating bad karma. And acceptance is one of the basic values of the light. Understand that everything has its purpose, your challenges, too.

Smile to yourself

YOU ARE THE WONDER IN THE UNIVERSE, THE ONLY, UNIQUE BEING. No one else has gone through the same pathway during all incarnations, no one is wearing your shoes.

2. Forgiveness

It concerns forgiveness yourself, other beings and apologising for the wrong done. I need to warn you: this value of light has many levels. For example, it is easy to forgive your kid if they have done something wrong, cheating is more difficult, but what about the murderer of your kin, especially child?

It is also hard to practise self-forgiveness to continue spiritual growth. When you notice how much other beings may have suffered, that you have failed to overcome the challenges of your incarnation, self-forgiveness may be hard.

Again, remember that everything has a purpose. You have chosen the murderer, the unfaithful husband, your toxic neighbour or bully – just because your spiritual growth is on a higher level, you are at a higher grade. Just forgive. Karma will come back to the wrongdoers and sometimes you also need to face your music. When you let go and forgive, easiness will be your second nature.

Let it go and you see how happier your life will be. Check these articles about forgiveness and self-forgiveness:

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3. Change Programs Of Your Mind

Your mind can impede spiritual growth so that you need to reprogram your computer. It does not only concern negative thinking or beliefs. There are some mental programs which have been installed during your life and beyond, having an impact on your happiness, abundance and health.

It often happens that your mind actually “is boiling” with sabotaging your spiritual growth. It happens during going through the acceptance, understanding and forgiveness stages but later amplifies because you need to broaden your perception. Asking questions, you can disarm your mind’s sabotage.

The Mental Program Of Duality

It refers to having two parts, often with opposite meanings, like good and evil. If there are two sides to a coin, metaphorically speaking, there is a duality.

However, the truth is that the coin has more than two sides. If you swirl it, there will be a sphere, connecting the two opposite sides. Also, the coin itself consists of both of, let’s say right and evil, so eventually, you have got four, not two options.

The next step of spiritual growth is about broadening your perspective, seeing further than most of society. Unfortunately, seeing the world beyond duality is the most frequent obstacle on moving forward in spiritual growth. There is no duality as everything is at the right place, according to the second Spiritual Law.

The Mental Program Of Calculation

Spiritual growth has nothing to do with business. Because everything has its purpose, calculating what is good or bad does not make sense here. You do not need to play, pretend, think of how other people will perceive you. Instead, at this stage of growth, you consider yourself as a wonder, the beloved child of the Universe. No one has to like or accept you.

The Mental Program Of Judging Others And Yourself

It is another program having its roots in duality. Again, there is no point in judging other beings as firstly, you do not know their pathway, not being in their shoes. Secondly, everything has a purpose. It is a hard program to decline as judging the murder of a child or the cruelty during World War Two is often beyond many souls living currently on the Earth. Hence we are coming to another program to stop the following:

The Mental Program Of Lack Of Respect

It is easy to respect everything and everyone living in accordance with your views, life values and beliefs, and when this being has not made you any wrong. However, more frequently, you will face with individuals who do not live up to your standards. As I wrote above, what about murderers, butchers, malicious and toxic people around, cruel to animals, women and children? What about when they hurt you or someone who is your all world? Will you respect these beings then?

But lack of respect also concerns yourself. How many times do you criticise yourself for mistakes, wrong decisions, evil deeds done to other beings? What about the lack of progress in your life, also the spiritual one? This attitude also has to be abandoned to go to the next stage of spiritual growth. Understand that God – the Source is perfect and does not judge anyone. Owing to the spark of divinity within, there is no point to judge. Instead of judging, ask Why and what for has it happened?

spiritual growth

The Mental Program Of Quality

We have been brought up according to the program: “The majority is always right”. Hence if “all do x”, we assume that it is the right option. However, the truth is that as a unique person, you do not need to follow the herd. Indigo children had and still have, a difficult time showing that the so-called “normal” behaviour and thinking do not suit to the New Golden Era, coming soon.

If you belong to the people who think differently than the majority, do not panic. It only means that your soul had a lot of strength, having the courage to manifest a different approach to life. Even if your life path may be hard and lonely, where you face with misunderstanding or even hostility, do not give up. There is a famous quote:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” 

Mahatma Gandhi

So follow your path, even if it is different than your friends’, family’s and or co-workers’. More and more people are awakened now so that, instead of fighting, they will ask “How have you done it?”

The “It’s Impossible” Mental Program

How many times have you had a great idea and someone has told you “It’s impossible?”. Since the youngest, parents, teachers and then other people have convinced you that some things are beyond your capacity, especially when you have taken a harder life on your shoulders – being on a wheelchair or blind, for example.

However, the truth is that we are able to create everything, also health and abundance. it may require some changes in life, sometimes karma can stop the process for a while. If you do it with the faith in your divine power, miracles will happen. You can create everything, just dump all the beliefs that are on the way to manifest it. Why? Because of thoughts. Each your thought has the power to create something, even if it is not always according to your expectations.

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A Word Of Caution

I have to warn you: it will be a challenging journey to transform the mental programs described above. Your mind will argue with you, saying “Why are you doing it? This was normal so far.” Then you need to be patient and explain your mind that there is a new way of thinking. You can do it saying this way:

Dear mind, stop sabotaging my spiritual growth, since now I am thinking differently, broadening my viewpoint beyond impossibility, judgement, duality and quality. I respect each being on this planet and the Universe, knowing that everything has its purpose.

Suddenly, after a battle and some work on reprogramming, your mind starts to work differently. You start seeing who is lying and who is telling the truth. The world is described by the language of the future, not the past. You become easy-going and worry-free.

Check how to reprogram your subconscious mind.

These are not the whole stages of spiritual growth. As I wrote, each to them has many levels of difficulty. However, there are some stages which do require a lot of courage and experience. They are:

  • being authentic,
  • creating your reality in the way that it serves you,
  • managing your mind totally,
  • emanation with the values of light,
  • using potentials, e.g. healing others, clairvoyance.

These stages of spiritual growth will be described in my next article so stay tuned to this website.

In A Nutshell

Today you have learned about the stages of spiritual growth. The first three levels comprise acceptance and understanding everything in your life, forgiving yourself and all other beings, reprogramming your mind, living beyond, duality, judging, quantity and helplessness.

All that is achieved by systematic work with your mind, stopping the old programs and installing the new ones. You can do it by subconscious reprogramming, meditation, prayer and acting according to the values of light. Good luck on the way of spiritual growth.


You are not alone with your life challenges. Every Saturday, for half an hour, at 8 pm Irish Summer Time, you are welcome to take part in the meditation on Facebook. Join and transform yourself and the world.


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