Aura and Chakras Energy And Vibrations Healing Music Meditation

How To Balance And Heal Your Chakras By Music

Many readers have asked me about healing chakras. Apart from affirmations, I have found some other ways of working with these energetic centres. Today I will write how to use music frequencies for chakra healing.

Aura and Chakras Energy And Vibrations Happy Life Healing Music

The Miracle of Solfeggio Frequencies

You could already read about the 528 Hz and 432 Hz frequencies on my blog. Today I will present you five more ones. commonly known as the Solfeggio frequencies and the reasons why they are so important.

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The Mystery And Controversy of the 432 Hz Frequency

Some days ago I wrote a post about 528 Hz frequency. Today you will learn about the one, stirring controversies and debates, the 432 Hz.