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The Trickster Of Mind Control

Some days ago I wrote an article about brainwashing which is one of the most powerful of mind control techniques. Today you will learn the remaining ones.

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How To Remove Energetic Hooks

My last article was about negative entities and their way of hooking up to your aura. Today you will learn how to remove energetic hooks.

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Negative Entities. How To Recognise Them

Every now and then people become aware of negative forces and energies. Seemingly strong, we tend to be sensitive and prone to mood swings or too big tension. It is the ideal opportunity for negative entities to hook up to your aura. Learn how to recognise them.

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10 + 1 Tips On Holistic Happiness

Today my blog has reached a milestone: 100 posts. I would like to give you eleven tips on how to achieve holistic happiness. physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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How To Recharge With the Energy of Mother Earth

Some time ago I wrote a post about Mother Earth on my blog. Many readers asked me how to charge with her energy. Today I will give you some examples.