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How To Tune To Your Body

We know that our body is a very important aspect of holistic health and happiness. However, not many people know how to listen to their bodies. Today I will show you how to do it.

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Michail Tombak. Can We Live For 150 Years Part Two

You could read in my last article that there are five factors determining if you live for 150 years. You have met the first three of them. Today I will write about the last but not least two factors: body hygiene and stress management.

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6 Effective Steps To Recharge Your Spiritual Energy

We all know that spiritual energy is very precious. It helps us to live the full life on the deepest level. However, this kind of energy is often robbed by entities, energetic vampires and negative people. Learn how to recharge it efficiently.

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Eating For Comfort And Your Happiness

Not far ago I wrote an article about workaholism. Today I would like to discuss another controversial issue: eating for comfort. How does it affect your body and soul?

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Workaholism. How You Destroy Your Soul

You already know when your soul suffers, looking into your eyes. Today I will show you what happens if you suffer from workaholism.